Concrete Requirements And Solutions


Shashank Agarwala

Director-International Sales
Speedcrafts Limited


SPEEDCRAFTS In-Line Series Concrete Batching Plants come in capacities ranging from 30 m³/hr to 90 m³/hr production rate. We also make plants of higher capacities on specific requirements. These plants have in-line storage bins for aggregate and sand. The weighing of aggregate and sand is done on conveyor belt, which is suspended on four load cells and is fed in the Pan / Twin Shaft / Planetary Mixer as the case may be, batch by batch through inclined belt conveyor. An independent digital weighing system is provided for feeding exact amount of cement, water and additive in mixer strictly as per mix design. Mix concrete can be directly discharged into transit mixers. An option to choose from cement storage hoppers, silos, additional storage bins and radial conveyor for feeding aggregate into the bins is always available with the customer. Our PLC based control system with SCADA interface provides full automation of plant through user friendly controls. Customers have an option of storing different mix design and can even manage its inventory. Our Control System is easy to learn and operate and offer security features to protect sensitive data. Plant controls can be easily switched between fully automatic to manual control giving flexibility to the plant operators. An option in software can be provided to access remote monitoring of plant production and material consumed, by Project Heads. Batch wise print out of all the material consumption and output produced can be had by the click of a mouse.

India – a country as massive as a sub-continent with 2nd largest population in the world and huge infrastructure deficit – has taken the challenge of new millennium to provide world class infrastructure and housing for its citizens. This resolve of government has propelled the requirement of concrete over the last two decades and changed the way concrete was produced. Trends are being dictated by ever evolving customers who today desire a machine offering optimum performance, ease of erection and operation, compact and portable. There is also demand for latest generation concrete plants, which can produce specialized concrete - such as self-compacting concrete, fibre reinforced concrete, temperature-controlled concrete, etc, etc. Based on requirements, market got segregated along large-scale projects where requirement is of bigger capacity machines, whereas for real estate sector and smaller projects, small, portable and compact machines had gained popularity. Another trend which is picking up in developed countries is Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) over Site Mixed Concrete (SMC). Increased demand for concrete day by day accelerated the growth in equipment market making India one of the major markets for concrete batching plants, thus all global manufactures are present and competing with Indian manufactures.

Seeing a big opportunity, we at SPEEDCRAFTS geared up and commenced manufacturing of Concrete Batching Plants of various capacities and configuration. Customers having large scale projects and specialised concrete requirement can choose from our In-Line Series, whereas for real state sector and small projects one has an option of choosing from Containerised / Compact / Portable or Mobile Concrete Plants. We also have Self Loading Mixers for contractors on move.



With design, mixer and controls from Europe, our Containerised Concrete Plants are available in stationary and mobile version and available in capacities of 36 & 45 m³/hr. Aggregate and sand is discharged through a belt conveyor in a Pan Mixer, which is mounted on a load cell. Weighing of all the raw materials is done in Pan Mixer one by one as per mix recipe. A belt conveyor is provided for discharge of concrete into the transit mixers. These are very compact plants and are suitable for customers having space constraints. Ease of transportation, installation and operation is hallmark for these plants. Needless to mention, plants have all the automated controls to produce concrete mix in conformity with mix recipe.

In the recent past, positive signals emanated from customers demanding compact type of concrete plants, which can directly discharge the mix material into transit mixers. We at SPEEDCRAFTS dedicated our R&D team to take up this challenge and they came up with our Compact Concrete Plant Model CCP-30. This is highly compact and fully automatic plant of 30 m³/hr capacity. Entire plant is mounted on one single skid with exception of cement hopper and control cabin, which is separately placed. Four split bins are provided for storage of aggregate and sand, with vibrator fitted on sand bin to avoid bridging. Pneumatically operated gates are provided on bins for precise discharge of aggregate and sand on weighing and charging conveyor, which is suspended on four load cells. Cement stored in hopper is conveyed to cement weighing hopper by means of screw conveyor. Independent digital weighing system is an integral part of plant for measuring the quantity of cement, water and additives. All the raw materials strictly as per mix recipe are fed in a Pan mixer for homogeneous mixing. Our Pan mixers have comparatively bigger volume than competitors to produce rated output capacity. Mixer is made from special steel and is lined with wear and abrasion resistant steel for longer life and minimum wear cost. Mix concrete is directly discharged into transit mixer. PLC based SCADA enabled controls are provided for synchronising all operation and producing concrete strictly in conformity with mix recipe. This plant can be erected and put into operations in a day’s time – which make this plant unique in its segment.

For contractors whose requirement is to take discharge directly in concrete pumps, we have an ideal solution in our Portable Concrete Plant. Our PCP-20 is a highly portable plant of 20 m³/hr - with all the advanced features, which any concrete plants can possibly have. It has split bins for storage of aggregate and sand with pneumatically operated gates to discharge aggregates and sand in controlled manner on a weighing / batching conveyor. This conveyor weighs aggregate and sand in exact proportion as per mix design with the help of load cells. Every batch of raw material is fed into Pan Mixer for homogeneous mixing. We have provided individual weighing system for cement, water and additive to respect mix design. Discharge from mixer can be directly taken into pump or if desired, alternatively in the transit mixers with the help of an optional belt conveyor. A fully automatic control with manual overrides is provided for ease of operation. This machine can be transported in a single trailer load.

With abundance of work in small scale projects like multi-storey apartment, small bridges, culverts, malls, shopping complex, hotels, street and rural roads, etc. we at SPEEDCRAFTS developed our Mobile Concrete Plant Model MCP-15 of 15 m³/hr capacity. This plant is mounted on wheels and four split bins feed aggregate and sand through belt conveyor to Pan Mixer. Pan Mixer is mounted on load cells, which weighs the input raw materials one by one as per mix design and aggressively mixes the input raw materials to produce homogeneous mix as per mix design. Automated controls, ease of erection, maintenance and transportation are key features of this plant.



All plants are manufactured at SPEEDCRAFTS state-of-the-art facilities equipped with modern machines located at Patna and Haridwar using top quality and most reliable components. Our R&D team continuously works on improvising machines taking feedback of customers into design consideration.

Sales is just a beginning; our Customer Support Team untiring partner with customers to provide most efficient product support throughout entire shelf life of the machines, making customers profitable in their endeavours.


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