Speedcrafts Pothole Repairing Machine


Speedcrafts, the flagship company of our group was established in 1971 in Patna, the capital of Bihar, India. We are a leading Indian ISO – 9001 certified Engineering Industry engaged in the manufacture and export of Road & Building Construction Machinery including Asphalt Mixing Plants, Concrete Plants, Pothole Repairing Machines, Self-Loading Concrete Mixers, Pavers, Road Rollers, Soil Stabilization Plants, Bitumen Pressure Distributor, Road Sweepers, Chip Spreaders, etc.

Our products are built to stringent international and Indian standards and have found acceptance and acclaim by all users, both in the domestic and international markets. We have emerged as one of the largest manufacturers of road construction machinery, with supplies to over 60 countries around the world. Besides supplies in domestic market we are presently executing orders for various models of our equipment from USA, France, Switzerland, Algeria, South Africa, Nigeria, Qatar, Cameroon, Libya, Tanzania, Dubai, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Romania, Angola, Liberia, Etc.


It is a Truck-mounted state-of-the-art
machine, which adopts an all-in-one approach to the pothole repairing.  A self-contained unit carries all the components like:


  • Aggregate Hopper
  • Emulsion Tank
  • Auxiliary Engine
  • Alternator
  • Compressor
  • Hydraulic system
  • Diesel & Flush Tank
  • Delivery hose with nozzle
  • Crack filling wand




The objective of the machine is to repair potholes using pneumatic process to have long lasting repairs.



The process of repairing pothole is cleaning, tack coating, mixing, filling and compaction. This is carried out by an operator who operates the machine standing at a safe distance of 6 m from repair area, through a tri fold articulated boom and toggle switch located at operator’s position. Brief description of process is as follows:

Cleaning: Cleaning is by delivering high volume of air approximately 15 m³ in the pothole at velocity of 320 km/hr. This creates a small cyclone and blows out the loose particles and debris present. No need for dressing (cutting into rectangular or square shape) of pothole is required.


Tack Coating: Fully atomized emulsion is discharged through nozzle into the pothole to provide a thin tack coat for proper adhesion of mix material with the damaged area.

Mixing, Filling & Compaction: Aggregate reaches the nozzle point through screw conveyor and air stream and gets showered with atomized emulsion for 100% coating and simultaneously this mix material is discharged for filling the pothole. Mix material is discharged at a very high velocity of 115 km/hr. which ensures that the mix material reaches all the corners of pothole and results in pneumatic compaction of mix from bottom up.



At the end of day’s work, emulsion line is flushed with diesel to avoid clogging of pipeline and nozzle.


Output of the machine is 0.07m³ of material per minute. It can spray more than 6m³ of material during a regular workday.

Materials Used

Aggregate: Standard 6-10 mm crushed aggregate.

Emulsion: Rapid setting bitumen emulsion conforming to IS-8887/78 or equivalent.

Maintenance: Maintenance cost of the machine is very low. Only the aggregate hose and few wear & tear items need periodic replacement.

  • Simpler, easier and faster than conventional hot patch method, which may require as many as six workers and six pieces of equipment as against two people – one operator and one driver.
  • There is no need for preparation/dressing of area as required in the hot patching.
  • Since fill material is actually “shot” into the area, compaction occurs from bottom up uniformly, whereas compaction and consequent depressions are always a problem in the hot patch method.
  • As compaction is a continuous process it can effectively fill a pothole up to 500 mm. depth without any need to re-do base and subbase.
  • Unlike hot patching it is not affected by moisture and hence suitable even in rainy weather.
  • As the emulsion used is of high-performance grade, the fill material adheres better and is more flexible and has greater ability to expand & contract with the existing road surface. This prevents raveling, cracking and results in more permanent repairs.
  • Cost effective because of less material cost, elimination of heating of aggregate and emulsion, more output per day with lesser crew and higher life expectancy.
Other Application Includes Repairing Of The Following:
  • Eroded soil drains & embankment slopes
  • Road shoulders, depressed approaches of culverts and bridges, utility cuts etc
  • Leveling of pavement depression without digging out the old material
  • Crack filling with the help of crack filling attachment.

For more information, visit: www.speedcrafts.com