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R.S. Raghavan
Managing Director and Founder
PROMAN Infrastructure Services Pvt Ltd


R. S. Raghavan, Managing Director and Founder, PROMAN Infrastructure Services Pvt Ltd, shares his views with Civil Engineering and Construction Review, on the range of products offered by PROMAN, and their approach towards providing innovative crushing and screening solutions.

Civil Engineering and Construction Review: PROMAN is known as a total solution provider for crushing and screening in India. Can you give us a brief overview on the range of products developed and launched by PROMAN?
R. S. Raghavan: PROMAN crushing and screening solutions encompasses a complete range of two and three stage crushing plants, sand plants (Dry and wet process), mortar plants, and retrofits. PROMAN is way ahead in the downstream solutions with respect to supplying equipment like VSIs, VSGs, dry sand plant and wet sand plants to produce both plaster and concrete sand in bulk. The company also offers total solutions for mortar plants.

CE&CR: Which cutting-edge technology is leveraged in PROMAN’s  products? In the highly competitive environment, what is your USP?
R. S. Raghavan: PROMAN has strategic collaboration with the best technology in the world. We build the products in India and give our customers the latest technology available internationally, at a very competitive price. Application expertise in crushing and screening, providing innovative crushing solution is our key strength; this, backed by world class technology from our collaborators for our crushers gives us the edge over our competition.

CE&CR: Which primary customer operating trends will affect PROMAN’s product manufacturing, supply and after sales service in the near future?
R. S. Raghavan: The Indian crushing and screening market is mature. The customers realize that producing the right product and having the capability to produce what sells by fine tuning will be the best proposition and value that any manufacturer can offer them; PROMAN is a leader in this area.

CE&CR: What has been PROMAN’s firm strategy to maintain its leading position? And which indigenization efforts are undertaken to meet the market requirements?
R. S. Raghavan: With international latest technology from our collaborators, PROMAN manufactures the products in India with more than 90% indigenization; thereby, offering great value to our customers and also supporting the ‘Make in India’ programme of the Indian government.

CE&CR: Renting crushing and screening equipments is an area that has witnessed a considerable demand. What is your view on the present status of the rentals market?
R. S. Raghavan: More than rental of crushers, it’s the contract crushing by contractors that will be the norm and we see a tremendous potential in this space.

CE&CR: What are the major drivers for growth and demand in the crushing and screening industry? And what steps would you like the government to take to propel growth?
R. S. Raghavan: The major growth drivers for the crushing and screening industry are the infrastructure spending, easing of financial support by banks and the NBFC, and the boost to housing. These growth drivers will also trigger the Indian economy.

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