ACE Backhoeloader AX-124: Rugged Machine For Tough Terrains

Manish Handa
Business Head: Earth Moving Equipment Division
Action Construction Equipment Ltd.

ACE is India’s leading Construction and Material Handling equipment manufacturing firm.  With a dominant market share of around 63%, ACE is the No. 1 crane manufacturer in India and world’s largest manufacturer in pick and carry cranes category. The company’s diverse product portfolio includes a wide variety of cranes, loaders, rollers, forklifts, tractors and harvesters along with many other Construction Equipment. The products of ACE are known globally for their excellent quality, reliability, and productivity. Following the league, the versatile Backhoe Loaders offer a diverse range of applications across various industrial sectors. These machines also find application in heavy industry and mining activities. Accordingly, ACE Backhoe Loader AX 124 is designed to deliver superior performance and durability along with low maintenance cost and fuel consumption, offering an attractive TCO (Total cost of ownership) to customers.



The features of Backhoe Loader AX 124 are as follows:

  • The rugged and reliable machine is powered with highly efficient 76 HP and 96 HP Kirloskar Engines for enhanced productivity, durability and excellent fuel efficiency.
  • It is equipped with improved hydraulic system and advanced loader arms offering higher breakout force while digging or loading materials.
  • It is an ideal machine for maneuvering easily through inaccessible areas.
  • Fitted with globally renowned transmission from Carraro and hydraulic pumps from reputed brands, it provides high torque transfer from engine to axle.
  • The powerful machine Backhoe Loaders AX 124 is manufactured with high precision and high tensile steel fabrication for greater strength and reinforcement in higher stress, resulting in augmented lifting capacity.
  • It is available in both 2WD and 4WD options, making it an attractive value for money product for the customers.

The remarkably compact size of the Backhoe Loader is aesthetically designed for easy movement across rough terrains, construction sites, and roads. Besides, the multi-purpose equipment can easily perform many operations such as digging, grading, dozing, clamping, back dragging, filling, loading and leveling at construction sites; and the operator doesn’t need to switch between different pieces of equipment hence saving considerable number of man hours.

ACE AX 124 is also competent to perform various other jobs like digging ditches, laying pipes, planting underground cables, and laying the foundation for buildings and drainage systems with the assistance of attachments. The Backhoe can be used to drill holes for planting trees, signages and fencing projects in different variety of soils with the help of an Augur. a bucket can be attached on the rear for cleaning ditches and an Asphalt cutter can be attached to the Backhoe to repair roads.



Moreover, at the ACE R&D Centre, while designing the Backhoe Loaders, special emphasis was laid by the research engineers on the comfort and safety of operators. The ergonomically designed hexagonal cabin offers a wide view for seamless operations and improves the operator’s safety. It is well-ventilated for carrying out fatigue free operations. Further, it is equipped with features such as music system, phone charger, and high-power face pan. IoT being the future of machines in India, the next-generation AX 124 will be integrated with GPS system to manage and monitor the machine operations remotely.

In addition, customer support and after sales services is of utmost priority at ACE. To leverage the product support and equipment availability, concerted efforts are made by the company to cater customer demands on time. In an endeavor to provide excellent customer service, the company also trains the operators and staff on the technological and product advancements at regular intervals through the regional training centres.

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