Alpha Services Growing New Heights With Innovative Solutions


Rishab Gandhi
General Manager, Marketing
Alpha Services


Since 1982, Alpha Services has been a part of India’s continued infrastructure growth by providing customized equipment solutions to the various segments that have fuelled India’s rapid development over the past 35 years. An ISO 9001:2008 company, headquartered in New Delhi, Alpha has been developing new solutions and evolving its product portfolio, which presently includes EOT Cranes, Goliath Cranes, Transfer Trolleys, Mobile Tower Cranes, Flat Top Tower cranes and Mobile Communication Towers. The focal point of Alpha Products is its features and performance, due to which the customer enjoys trouble-free site report and productivity.

The Alpha Tower Cranes are with male-female combo of mast to mast connect, with pins that facilitate faster installation. The structure of the Tower Cranes is constructed with High grade tensile steel for best outcome and longevity. Further, the cranes are manufactured with modern technology and design to match the growing demand for bigger, heavier and sophisticated tower cranes, where lifting capacity ranges 1.25 ton up to 10 ton, and jibs from 45 to 60 m; however, the principle supplies up to 80 m jib and 20 ton capacity.

Further, to enhance the quality and performance of the equipment, it is incorporated with world class European mechatronics. There are VVVF drives for all three operations, to ensure smooth and jerk free movement. Also, sealed slew-gear with automated greasing system are used to avoid periodical greasing. These cranes are fitted with AC operator’s cabin as a standard supply and the power consumption of the crane is least in its class. The equipment are supplied with option of fixed/base frame/travelling.



The strength of Alpha lies in its competitive designs and manufacturing capabilities, including fabrication, welding, painting and testing in our two facilities in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. The company has a dealer network covering PAN India taking care of sales, service and spares. The types of Alpha Tower Cranes are discussed below:

Mobile Tower Cranes

Alpha introduced Mobile Tower Cranes to the Indian market in 1988 with the Model SP-453. Since then, the company has enjoyed a pioneer status in the industry. Alpha’s range of Mobile Tower Cranes is the most extensive, with a market share of over 50% and annual sales volume of 80-100 units.

Flat Top Tower Cranes

Alpha has also developed a range of Flat Top cranes in technical collaboration with SOIMA of Portugal. While Alpha’s active manufacturing range has 4 models in the max capacity range of 5-ton to 10-ton, it can also manufacture cranes up to 20-ton capacity. In a market where most manufacturers offer pendent line Tower cranes (Hammerhead cranes), Alpha has a distinct positioning with the Flat Top Tower cranes. The Flat top tower cranes are more advantageous then Hammerhead cranes because they are safe and much easier to erect with their modular design. Also, at a site where multiple tower cranes need to be deployed, the erection of flat top tower cranes is not required as high as the tower cranes with tower caps because the interference between the jibs is less.

Fixed Tower Cranes

The features of Alpha Fixed Tower Cranes are distinctive from the rest of the flock. In fact, few of the competitors have replicated Alpha’s features to revamp their class but they are not close to being like Fixed Tower cranes.

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