More Than 80% Of Keestrack Machines Are Optionally Available With Conventional Diesel-Hydraulic Drive Or As Full-Hybrid ‘E-Version’

Swapan Das, Managing Director, Keestrack Group, eTrack Crushers Pvt. Ltd. shares his views with CE&CR as the company gears up for EXCON 2019 from 10th - 14th Dec, 2019 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bengaluru


Swapan Das
Managing Director
Keestrack Group, eTrack Crushers Pvt. Ltd.


Civil Engineering and Construction Review: What is your expectation from EXCON’19?

Swapan Das: As we are readying ourselves to get our very first made in India ‘e’ machines with the onset of 2020, EXCON has provided us the best possible platform to showcase our products to our customers in mining and construction industry in India. Further, we expect to engage ourselves extensively with the industry, present our global credentials, local focus and customization, and discuss how we can contribute to the business of our customers more efficiently and more profitably, ensuring performance in every detail.

CE&CR: What are your plans for the show? What will be your focus of display?

Swapan Das: We plan to interact and communicate with the customers to understand their requirements and new projects on a one-to-one basis. The focus of our display through various media as well as live machines will be to highlight the Keestrack Group’s technology and products, which enable the most robust act of processing and handling hardest of rocks in an efficient and profitable manner with utmost care for the Mother Nature



CE&CR: On its path towards development, Indian construction practices demand adaptation; considering that, how versatile is your product range to keep up with the pace?

Swapan Das: Keestrack’s product range contains a wide line-up of jaws, cones, impactors, scalpers and classifying screens, mobile stockpilers and dust suppression systems with hybrid diesel-electric drives.

The fully electric crushing and screening plants can be supplied in a wide range of combinations, covering all facets of compression/impact crushing and various screening duties, including scalping and fine classification.

The dual power systems make the products highly versatile. Replacing hydraulic drives by electric motors reduce thermal problems in operations under extreme conditions. Also, on board screens reduce number of engines and space required.



CE&CR: Considering the inexplicable amounts of emission created by construction practices, how does “zero emission processing” drive system help to minimize the carbon production?

Swapan Das: Today, more than 80% of Keestrack machines are optionally available with conventional diesel-hydraulic drive or as full-hybrid ‘e-version’. With the plug-in option, to connect to the mains, the Keestrack hybrid ‘e’-versions further enlarge their operating cost advantage over conventional diesel-hydraulic systems. Installed electrical pumps for essential hydraulic consumers (lifting cylinders, track drive, etc.) allow the full- electric operation of today’s ‘e’-versions. The noise levels during emission-free plug-in operation can be reduced by about 30%. Thus, Keestrack’s ‘e’-versions not only save the environment but also real money.



CE&CR: Keestrack’s business is built around ‘Performance in every detail’. How has this belief shaped the way your crushers and screens are designed and developed?

Swapan Das: The equipments have easy accessibility to maintenance, advanced operational features, adaptability to highly dusty environments, optional tracking and real-time monitoring systems.

CE&CR: Strong after sales services have become a key selling point in today’s market scenario. How does Keestrack strengthen its position in that area?

Swapan Das: To ensure our customers get the best from their Keestrack equipment, we offer a fully integrated customer care programme that covers spare parts, wear parts, servicing and maintenance, supported by a dedicated customer service team.

Keestrack understands that our customers have different service needs, and therefore, we focus on tailor-made service packages. All our machines come with a replacement parts schedule. We also offer various levels of service contract from inspections to comprehensive maintenance and repairs package. Further, to make life easier, we offer remote analytics on fuel, oils/filters and other key data via our GPS ‘Keestrack-er’ technology. Also, training of maintenance personnel is an inherent component of our service.

CE&CR: How effective has EXCON been as a platform for helping Construction Equipment manufacturers meet the challenges facing them? How has the show helped the industry players identify new opportunities and make best use of them?

Swapan Das: With the enormous size of our country, the already projected growth path and the wide variety of fast track large construction and mining projects being seeded at every corner, there is a constant need of engagement of the various stakeholders from contractors, equipment suppliers, project owners, statutory authorities, financial institutions, media, local authorities, etc. to evolve more efficient, cost-effective and environmental friendly methods with superior machines, skills and technologies. EXCON has helped provide this much needed platform to all of us to be better equipped and prepared to explore and manage this future together more efficiently.



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