XCMG Excavators By Schwing Stetter India: A Class Apart


Mr. V.G. Sakthikumar
Managing Director 
Schwing Stetter India Private Limited

Schwing Stetter India (SSI), one of India’s leading concreting equipment manufacturers, launched its new generation of XCMG crawler hydraulic excavators - XE80C, XE140I, XE140C, XE210I, XE220C and XE230C this year.

The machines have undergone several extensive trials to meet the industry requirements of smart and efficient products. XCMG excavator variants are listed below:

  1. XCMG crawler hydraulic excavator XE80 C
  2. XCMG crawler hydraulic excavator XE140 I
  3. XCMG crawler hydraulic excavator XE140 C
  4. XCMG crawler hydraulic excavator XE210 I
  5. XCMG crawler hydraulic excavator XE220 C
  6. XCMG crawler hydraulic excavator XE230 C


   Fig.1: Schwing Stetter’s Fleet of Excavators


The significant features of the excavator range are as follows:


Excellent Performance

The key hydraulic components of the excavators adopt the latest technological achievements like low energy consumption, fast response, accurate control and small impact. In addition to a better flexibility in compound action and smoother flat action, they maintain a strong excavation capacity and excellent operational efficiency. Further, with the new generation of load-sensitive hydraulic system, pressure loss of the system is smaller; the output flow of constant power variable piston pump always meets the need of multi-way valve core opening without excess flow loss and realizes load-independent flow distribution.

Intelligent Control And Energy Saving

The excavators come with three intelligent control modes consisting of:

E - Economic mode (Low oil consumption priority)

P - Efficiency mode (Workload first)

B - Crushing mode (Crushing conditions)

Mode switching is performed by means of instrument F2 button. When the throttle gear is above the fourth gear and the control handle lasts for more than 4 seconds in the neutral position, the controller controls the engine to automatically reduce engine speed, unnecessary fuel consumption, noise and exhaust emissions. Further, when the handle moves again, the engine speed immediately recovers to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction.


CAE analysis software is used to analyze the force of the boom and arm of the working device. The structure then combined with the force analysis results is optimized several times. The sample is loaded on the bench and fatigue test is carried out to detect the weak position and strengthen it. Using high-quality steel cutting, advanced processing centres process the parts to ensure the quality of the parts; this is performed using robotic automatic welding process to ensure the reliability of the welding. After completion of the prototype, the actual working condition is of high strength and is checked to ensure high reliability of the machine.

Easy Maintenance

The excavators are accompanied by a fully open rear cover and side door and are made of sheet metal. The addition of a predictor, which effectively filters large particles of impurities into the air filter and prolongs the service life of the air filter, would aid in a better adaptation of the harsh multi-dust conditions.

Additionally, the machine is equipped with grease gun bracket and a toolbox to facilitate the lubrication and maintenance of the machine, as well as store commonly used maintenance tools. The newly designed grease bucket holder meets the storage requirements of users’ grease buckets. Further, the replacement cycle of engine oil, filter element and fuel filter element is extended to 500 hours and the maintenance cost of users is greatly reduced.


Fig. 2: Pin Shaft is Installed by Pressing Plate Type, which is Easy to Install and More Reliable


Safety And comfort

More Safety In Design

The XCMG crawler hydraulic excavator XE80C has a standard bulldozer hydraulic lock to ensure the shovel does not drop while using bulldozer shovel; the hydraulic lock is seldom equipped in the same class of excavators by competition.

New Panoramic Cabin

The new panoramic cabin has larger interior space and is covered with large area of high strength toughened glass, which ensures the strength of the cabin and widens the field of vision. The cabin is new, spacious, comfortable and has a beautiful appearance. The rear pillar of the cabin contains a concealed design with a small blind area, which improves the safety of the operation. Moreover, a reasonable distribution of silicone oil shock absorber and new suspension seat in the cabin, helps the operator to feel comfortable and easy to operate.

The new panoramic cabin is equipped with high-power air conditioning and air outlet layout for air conditioning. The front window glass is equipped with air conditioning outlet, and a defrosting function that helps to eliminate fog and ensures a safe drive. The cabin of the excavators has new interiors, and is equipped with tea cup seat, USB charging seat, mobile phone storage bin, sundry bin, power outlet and other humanized designs, to maximize comfort and convenience with a practical and fashionable combination. The new type of cushion seat comprises a thicker cushion, bigger front inclination, and better wrapping, which keeps the operator comfortable by effectively reducing the fatigue of the long-term work.

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