Mapei’s Planitop HPC - For Repair And Strengthening


Planitop HPC is a two-component fluid mortar suitable for casting into formwork without the risk of the mortar segregating. Areas with thickness up to 40 mm can be cast without using reinforcing steel; for thicker areas, suitable reinforcement steel is the solution.


The Planitop HPC is appropriate for repairing and strengthening of concrete structures that require the use of a free-flowing, ultra-high performance and high ductility mortar without using reinforcing steel to limit the thickness applied.\


Fig. 1: Planitop HPC for New Construction

Some Application Examples

  • Seismic upgrading of elements subjected to high stresses where high ductility is required
  • Structural strengthening by cladding reinforced cement pillars and beams
  • Repairing the lower spigots on pre-compressed viaduct beams
  • Reconstructing and levelling off the upper parts of pulvinos and bearing elements of piles for motorway viaducts
  • Reinstating floor slabs after removing deteriorated areas by scarifying


Fig. 2: Planitop HPC for Repair and Strengthening



Low weight and stiffness increase

High fire resistance

High adhesion on concrete

Fire resistance

How Is Planitop HPC Different From Traditional Repair Material?


Advantage Over The Carbon Fibre Applications System

  • In case Carbon fibre requires extra protection
  • Can increase more flexure strength
  • Can increase more compression strength


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