Liebherr Debuts 50 M5 XXT Concrete Pump Truck


At the World of Concrete Liebherr showed for the first time its new 50-metre truckmounted concrete pump, the 50 M5 XXT. The pump truck’s five section boom reaches to 161 feet vertically and 146 feet horizontally. For moving the material, the M5 XXT offers four pump unit options with outputs from 138 to 167 square metres per hour. The four pivoting outriggers are secured directly to the distributor boom pedal, which directs the weight from the boom directly into the outriggers with no flexing of the body of the truck. Liebherr kept the weight down and increased stability with a newly designed boom pedestal. The slewing ring and drive are proprietary Liebherr components. The front and rear outriggers on the M5 XXT pivot on the same point. “This gives you a ton of flexibility as you set up,” says Liebherr’s Clinton Nichols. “Setting up on tight jobsites is very easy to do. You gain more than 180 degrees working range on the boom,” he says. The American market wants a heavy machine that they know will last 20 years and be structurally sound and safe on the jobsite, says Nichols. For this reason, the all-German made Liebherr M5 XXT is built with rugged components and simplified electronics.