Bauer Executes Foundation Works For Office Complex In St. Petersburg


In 2013, OOO BAUER Technologie already installed the foundation piles for the Lakhta Tower in St. Petersburg. Last year, the Russian subsidiary of BAUER Spezialtiefbau GmbH also carried out the foundation work for further building sections at the neighbouring Lakhta Centre. In Saint Petersburg, Russia, probably the most glamorous metropolis on the Baltic, a rich past meets the challenges for a modern cosmopolitan city. Even today, the most northerly city of millions is still looking for new identities when it comes to urban planning. Therefore, an unparalleled construction project is currently taking place on the city’s outskirts: soon the Lakhta Tower, which overlooks the sea, will be complete – and will bear the title of the highest building in Europe. In addition to offices, it will also house shops, cafés, restaurants, a theatre and even a museum. The foundation work for the 462-m high building was executed in 2013 by the Russian subsidiary of BAUER Spezialtiefbau GmbH. OOO BAUER Technologie constructed 260 bored piles with a diameter of 2 m to a depth of 85 m. Several Bauer rotary drilling rigs from types BG 40 and BG 28 were used for this.