Komatsu Celebrates 10th Anniversary Of Commercial Deployment Of Autonomous Haulage System


Over 100 trucks with the Autonomous Haulage System operate in Australia, North and South America, and Komatsu plans to accelerate its pace of deployment. Komatsu Ltd. (President and CEO: Tetsuji Ohashi) announces the company is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the commercial deployment of its Autonomous Haulage System AHS). Presently more than 100 AHS trucks operate in Australia, North and South Americas. Based on the 10- year proven record of safety, productivity, environmental resistance and system flexibility in an array of mining environments, Komatsu plans to accelerate the pace of AHS deployment. Under this initiative, Komatsu has committed to provide mining customers with AHS solutions that meet the growing demand for gradual transition from existing to fully automated mine.