Elematic Fast-Track Project In Hyderabad



Chander Dutta
Managing Director 
Elematic India Private Limited, India


The Indian company Aurobindo Realty & Infrastructure Private Limited has adopted precast technology to speed-up construction process, to take advantage of growth boom in Hyderabad.

Aurobindo Realty & Infrastructure Private Limited faced multiple dilemmas on the ways to create modern, sleek-looking buildings with minimum time, less labour involvement, along with a safer environment for construction workers. Aurobindo is not the only company facing these issues, since most construction companies in India are experiencing similar problems. “These challenges, coupled with project requirements are leading to cost and time overrun in projects along with huge costs in rectifying any defects,” Ravindra Kumar VJ, Chief Executive, Aurobindo Realty said.

The company executives researched alternatives to traditional methods and discovered the advantages of precast technology. They learnt that using precast gives faster project execution, in fact twice the speed of traditional construction and over 50 per cent reduction in labour requirements. In addition, adopting precast technology for Aurobindo meant reduction in manpower, timely project completion and less wastage of materials - all helping the company to gain competitive edge.

The company chose Elematic precast technology from Finland that offers state-of-the-art plant, machinery and complete services. “We chose Elematic because they had proven technology and machineries that are being used across the globe. Also, they offered various types of systems in precast technology,” Kumar said. Soon, the company finalised a land required for the precast plant located in Sanga Reddy district of Hyderabad; on this 21-acre plot, Aurobindo precast factory was set up.

“We are providing the full gamut of services from setting up the plant, training their team for efficient operation as well as having an annual maintenance contract to ensure full production,” said Chander Dutta, the Managing Director of Elematic India.

Aurobindo Precast plant is already on an expansion mode. “They have started with their expansion activity where they have now installed a third beam line to augment their production capacity as well as to meet the enhanced demand from their sites,” Dutta explained. “With successful examples of precast plants such as Aurobindo, we can expect accelerated adoption of precast technology in India and a better quality of buildings in years to come,” he concluded.


Hollow Core Slabs Produced at Precast Factory


The Aurobindo precast factory has covered area of 180 m x 100 m and it has the following equipment:

  • Prestressed precast hollow core slab production capacity of 3 million sq. ft per year
  • Prestressed precast beam production, where using 2 beam lines, 36,000 linear metre beam gets produced
  • Precast column production using 1 column line, 18,000 linear metres column gets produced
  • 30 Table circulation system with a production capacity of 3 million sq. ft per year
  • Two precast staircase moulds that can produce 1,200 staircases per year
  • Complete automated concrete transportation and distribution system for all the halls
  • Automated stockyard with 30 days storage capacity

For more information,
contact: shridhar.rao@elematic.com