Innovation Is Now At The Heart Of The Construction Business


Mr. Ankur Tiwari
Senior Manager- Sales & Marketing
Ammann India Pvt Ltd


Civil Engineering & Construction Review: Please brief us on your organization’s efforts towards R&D for technological advancements. Also, what are your views about the integration of technology in construction and related sectors?

One thing and one thing only, defines success: excellent work! This is not so much an ambition as an obligation. At each link of the construction process, our employees’ highest priority is to give the best of themselves. The success of our products and plants, demands nothing less. Success is also ensuring our plants provide production, quality and affordability each and every day.

Further, it is not just about investing in technology; rather, it is about identifying which specific technologies can improve performance, followed by aligning digital and business strategies. Robotic process automation and/or digital labour have a particularly exciting potential and are taking off in many other industries, with machines and computers replacing humans. At first sight, construction industry seems ready for such transformation, with a host of tasks like payment processing, engineering calculations, and data and information management that could be automated.




CE&CR: Please introduce us to the new sustainable designs and methods adopted in the construction and related sectors.

Nowadays, everything has to be ‘sustainable,’ requiring project leaders to think, calculate and anticipate. Long before the first workers arrive at the site, digital methods are used to analyse and design solutions that reduce the environmental impact of the buildings and structures. And they will continue to be sustainable for decades after handover.

CE&CR: What is your view about growth and development of Indian economy and its impact on the construction and related sectors in the next five years?

The economy is growing at about 7 per cent annually, and despite short-term hits from Goods and Service Tax (GST) and Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). The economy is showing strong signs of recovery and is expected to grow even faster over the next two years. Lower crude oil prices, greater ease in doing business and a broader goods and services tax net will help accelerate growth while checking inflation and the fiscal deficit.




CE&CR: What is your organization’s plan for 2020?

Innovation is the means by which we have advanced. But today, the complexity of the environmental, economic and social challenges we face, demands that we innovate alongside others – with our minds open. We have to share our own areas of expertise with third parties, and combine them with new and non-core disciplines, as tomorrow, no one will innovate in isolation.

In addition, the effective implementation of an innovation strategy requires executive leadership and support; in the absence of this, the organization will evade to the low risk strategy of maintaining the status quo. It is therefore important that the company’s leadership foster an environment not only where innovation is both encouraged and rewarded, but also where the investigation and adoption of new technologies is done within a framework that manages the downside risk in the event of failure.

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