We Commissioned 8 Quenching Systems In Just 30 Days


Ms. Radhika Markan
Managing Director
H&K India


Civil Engineering & Construction Review: Which latest products were introduced by your company in 2019?

Radhika Markan: Both of our proprietary quenching solutions – Thermex and Tegum, were outfitted with Version 3 equipment for better heat transfer. We also installed quenching systems for higher grades – Fe600 and Fe650, in scores of rolling mills throughout 2019.

Further, our quenching systems have always been capable of catering to high-speed mills of 30 m/s; in 2019, we have gained the technical know-how for high-speed mills of 40 to 50 m/s, which is a first in the rolling mill industry.



CE&CR: How would you rate the performance of your organization in 2019 vis-à-vis 2018? Please mention as: (a) same (b) marginally better (c) marginally lower (d) significantly better (e) significantly lower

Radhika Markan: Significantly better. With only 6 weeks remaining for the end of 2019 calendar year, we have already received 50 project orders for our unique quenching systems, which is double the record number of orders received 15 years ago. To match this increase, our rate of execution and commissioning has improved greatly.

Recently, we commissioned 8 quenching systems in just 30 days. Further, we have also received many orders for replacement of quenching systems supplied by others.




CE&CR: What is your organization’s plan for 2020?

Radhika Markan: In the past two years, H&K has been expanding its presence in newer territories; this will persist in the year 2020. Further, we will continue to work with more rolling mill manufacturers to ensure the world class Thermex QST technology is installed in as many rolling mills as possible.

The Government of India has a long-term plan to increase steel production to 300 million tonnes per annum. Both our quenching solutions - Thermex and Tegum,  can ensure quality rebars are produced in higher quantity as they can easily cater to high-speed mills producing million tonnes per annum. It is noteworthy to mention that Thermex and Tegum can also effortlessly produce higher grades of the Indian standard, as well as fulfil requirements of all major international standards.

In addition, to handle the increased work load caused by our expanding presence, our company’s inventory management, employee training, marketing, and automation processes are being simultaneously enhanced, a process that started in 2019 and will continue in 2020.

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