Layher Development Engineers Are Constantly Working On Ingenious New Developments



Mr. Mithilesh Kumar
Layher Scaffolding Systems Pvt. Ltd.


Civil Engineering & Construction Review: Which latest innovative products and technologies were introduced in 2019? What was the role of your organization in this regard?

Mithilesh Kumar: Layher once again set a new milestone in scaffolding construction with the fourth generation Allround Lightweight. Like all our innovations, this generation too can be 100% integrated for the customer’s investment protection. Layher Lightweight is the next dimension in Scaffolding.  Further, the result of superior engineering, up to eight connections can be made in the structurally ideal Allround Connector on one level and at various angles; how the system is assembled is self-explanatory.

In addition, profitability and safety aren’t contradictions at Layher; on the contrary, they’re what drive us: new materials, new production processes and design improvements to make our systems lighter, faster, stronger and more economical.





CE&CR: Please give us a practical example of a case study or a project wherein innovative capabilities of your organization helped deal with a challenging situation?

Mithilesh Kumar: Recently, Layher completed the scaffolding and temporary platform for Mahamastakabhisheka in Karnataka, which is used to seat more than 7,000 people to watch Mahabhisheka; approx 3,000 sq. m was constructed on top of the Vindhyagiri hill. The entire structure was divided into three parts, each of being designed to bear 5 kN/m² load.

The design of heavy duty cantilever has been considered to bear heavy load during Mahabhisheka. The existing floor area available is double-storey monolithic structure supported with stone beam and slab resting on column. The bottom main existing monolithic structure is also supported with scaffolding to provide additional stability to the existing structure during Mahabhisheka. The total height of scaffold structure is approx. 21.2 m from the ground level, which was unsupported with the existing structure.

CE&CR: Please brief us on your organization’s efforts towards R&D for technological advancements in construction and related sectors.

Mithilesh Kumar: Innovations are the foundation, enabling Layher to promise its customers more possibilities, and to deliver on that promise. Layher’s scaffolding products are durable, compliant with all applicable standards, and fully compatible with one another. The focus of our development work is always on the integration of new products and the improvement of safety during assembly and dismantling of scaffolding.

Layher’s highly automated headquarters in Germany has around 250,000 m² space, including 110,000 m² covered space for production and storage. Development, logistics and administration are all in one location, creating beneficial synergies for our customers all over the world, including short routes, short response times, and controlled quality and production. The manufacturing processes can also be redesigned at short-term to respond to requirements and customer needs.

Layher continues to invest in the expansion of highly-automated manufacturing; this means that Layher can produce competitively in Germany and ensure the consistent high quality of our products.

Further, we have modern in-house hot-dip galvanising facility, which helps us maintain quality. Although our suppliers are also certified, our own uncompromising commitment to quality is always implemented from our intensive incoming goods inspection in-house to every production area. The quality management is not just about rigorous checks at each stage of production; the correct marking and comprehensive documentation of all components is also important.

We can respond optimally to market-specific needs, because we know the local conditions, cultural characteristics and each country’s specific regulations; this makes us competent partners, especially for internationally operating companies.



CE&CR: What are the probable opportunities in your sector in the near future?

Mithilesh Kumar: Scaffolding is associated with industrial development and maintenance work. Layher has maintained quality in development of products which have no competitors. Thus, our customers benefit from the continuous and strategic expansion of Layher products and network. Also, we can bring together the right solutions and the right people.

CE&CR: What is your view about growth and development of construction and related sectors in the next five years?

Mithilesh Kumar: The Indian construction industry is an important indicator of the development, as it creates investment opportunities across various related sectors. The Indian economy has witnessed considerable progress in the past few decades; most of the infrastructure development sectors have progressed.

The main characteristic feature of construction industry is a mix of organised and unorganised players in all sub-sectors, right from construction workers to supervisors, contractors and material manufactures/suppliers, etc. The characteristic of labour in construction industry is high percentage of migrant workforce. The Inter-State Migrant Workmen (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of service) Act 1979 governs the migratory movements of labour; key actions are required both at the destination, and at the point of origin of migration to reduce vulnerability, to develop interactive and strategic associations among national and global players, and to facilitate access to new technologies, standards and services for efficient execution of the projects, both within and outside the country.

Construction activities are considered as integral part of a country’s industry, economy, employment and quality of life, which goes beyond, mere development of physical infrastructure development plans; therefore, the need to focus on this is an important concern.



CE&CR: What is your organization’s plan for 2020?

Mithilesh Kumar: Our scaffolding materials and expertise are available for the customers, right where they need, along with the usual high Layher standards. The customers also benefit from the continuous and strategic expansion across India, which is done to transform innovated technologies up to maximum people and get advantages of the same. Since 2008, Layher India is continuously growing in the Indian market and now, it is present in all industries across the globe.

We have planned to equip our customers to cope with present and future challenges in both, engineering and commercial aspects. Also, we are the key player in development of industries to save downtime and reduce the cost of projects. Layher India has set target for 2020, to grow 40 – 50% in the Indian market.

To make scaffolding even more economical and safer, Layher development engineers are constantly working on ingenious new developments. Our focus here is on the influencing factors for assembly performance, such as weight, shape and the number of components. To achieve this, we constantly search for new materials and new production processes. Assembly, dismantling and transport make up 80% of scaffolding service costs; studies have clearly shown that by reducing component weight, our customers can considerably enhance, both their assembly and dismantling performances, and use their transport capacities more efficiently. This is where our new Layher Lightweight philosophy comes to the fore.

Welcome to the next generation.

Welcome to the world of successful scaffolders.


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