E4 Bypass Stockholm: Sweden’s Biggest Road And Tunnel Project Under Construction





A 21 km motorway bypass is being constructed to relieve traffic in Stockholm: E4 Bypass Stockholm. The bypass, scheduled for completion by 2030 doesn’t just stand out as one of Sweden’s biggest infrastructure projects: its 18 kilometres of tunnel will make it the second-longest underground tunnel in city buildings.

The transport system in Stockholm is extremely vulnerable, with Essingeleden in particular very sensitive to road accidents. To address this situation, a 21 km motorway is being constructed that will link the south of the city (Skärholmen) with the north (Häggvik). The new road will divert traffic away from the city centre to the west.

Most of the bypass, i.e., 18 of the 21 kilometres, will run through tunnels, making the bypass the world’s second-longest urban road tunnel, runner-up only to Tokyo’s Yamate tunnel. The link will consist of twin tunnels, with its deepest point beneath Lake Mälaren lying almost 70 m below sea level. Each tunnel will have three lanes of traffic in each direction, supporting an anticipated traffic flow of 140,000 vehicles daily. The construction work required excavation of 22 million tonnes of rock.

Doka Sweden is providing the formwork equipment for four project sections. The company has won the contract to provide formwork to four sections; FSE105 Kungens Kurva (King’s Curve), FSE502 Hjulsta Norra (North of Hjulsta), FSE61 Akalla and FSE62 Häggvik.