SPACE GASS: A Multi-Purpose 3D Analysis And Design Program



SPACE GASS is an analysis and design software package developed specifically for structural engineers. Established in 1982, it has been around for over 35 years, and is being used worldwide in over 70 countries.

SPACE GASS, a leading structural engineering software in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, supports Indian design codes IS 456 : 2000 for concrete design, IS 800 : 2007 for steel design, IS 875 (Part 3) : 2015 for wind loading, IS 1893 for seismic analysis, IS 13920 : 2016 for ductile detailing, as well as many other international codes covering Europe, US, Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Features And Functions Of SPACE GASS

The capabilities of SPACE GASS include a 64-bit multi-core solver, silky smooth 3D rendered graphics, plate/shell finite elements, frame elements, cable elements, tension/compression-only elements, moving loads and links to many CAD and building management programs. The software also allows export and import from MS-Excel or standard text files.

Further, the built-in wizards automate the input process for portal frame buildings, elevated water tanks and other structure types. These wizards let the user create the entire model, including wind and seismic loading data in a matter of minutes.

Everything is graphical based, so that the user can see what is happening as they make changes. The user can also view or edit their model in wireframe, outline or fully rendered modes and switch between them. The graphical rendering makes full use of the powerful multi-core facilities of the graphics card, allowing to zoom, pan, or rotate even the largest of fully rendered models with silky smoothness.

The analysis solvers include linear and non-linear static analysis, buckling analysis, dynamic frequency analysis, harmonic response analysis, transient response (time-history) analysis and spectral response (seismic) analysis.

When the software is used for bridge design, the moving loads module generates all of the moving and stationary load cases with ease. An Indian vehicle library is included that contains the class 70R, A and B standard vehicles. Custom vehicles can also be created and saved for use with the moving loads module.

Multi-coloured plate contour diagrams and member stress diagrams are available that show where the minimum and maximum deflections, forces, moments and stresses occur in your model. You can also generate standard bending moment, shear force, axial force, torsion and stress diagrams. Enveloping is a standard feature that lets you find the minimums and maximums together with the load cases they come from.





SPACE GASS comes with a flexible ‘Titan’ licensing system that lets the user install it as a stand-alone licence on single computers or as a floating network licence on netwo­­­rked computers so that SPACE GASS can be shared between multiple users. Temporary ‘roaming’ licences can also be borrowed for use at home or away from the office network for a period of time. Additionally, if more SPACE GASS licences are used simultaneously than have been purchased, the Titan system informs extra users that all the licences are currently in use and they should just try again soon. As soon as someone logs out of SPACE GASS, the licence is freed up for someone else to use, eliminating the possibility to be charged or get an unexpected bill for accidently using extra licences.

Due to its intuitive user interface, SPACE GASS is easy to learn and requires less than an hour to be up and running. For detailed information, you can refer to the 900+ page user manual, or view one of the many video tutorials or webinar recordings that are available on the SPACE GASS website. These cover many topics including basic concepts, input methods, modelling, specialist techniques, analysis, design and interpretation of results.





Also, local support is available by phone or email, and the users usually get a response within an hour. A 30 day free trial of SPACE GASS is offered to evaluate and see if it suits the user’s needs before the purchase. The trial version has most features unlocked, plus any jobs you create can be transferred into the full version of SPACE GASS if the software is purchased later.


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