Waterproofing And Innovations From STP Ltd


Hasan Rizvi
Sr. Vice President 


Today, there is an increasing demand for power. Energy saving can help reduce global warming caused by burning of fossil fuel/coal to generate power and other related factors. Further, thermal insulation in buildings is an important factor to achieve thermal comfort for its occupants.

STP Ltd has developed ShaliCryl® LM HI, a single component, highly elastomeric, UV resistant, heavy duty, monolithic and water-based waterproofing acrylic liquid membrane system. ShaliCryl® LM HI has high mechanical strength, elastic and resilient acrylic polymers, selected fillers, durable pigments, microfibers and additives, which imparts excellent weather resistance.

Moreover, Heat Insulation Coating from STP Ltd provides an effective thermal insulation system for both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It provides seamless elastic film over building roofs/terraces–flat, slope and or inclined, along with waterproofing of roof terrace, including corrugated roof, slabs, chajjas, balconies, parapet walls. Being liquid, the coating is suitable for waterproofing of complicated geometrical structures like domes, arches, paraboloids, and steeps rising on flashings.






Integral Waterproofing-Cum-Corrosion Inhibitor

The experts at STP Ltd have developed state-of-the-art materials and techniques. This includes ShaliPlast LW++, which is an integral Waterproofing-cum-Corrosion Inhibitor for Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC). It is a revolutionary liquid waterproofing compound, which protects concrete internally from water ingress as well as saves the re-bars of reinforced concrete and mortar against chloride induced corrosion. The unique bipolar compound migrates through concrete during the curing process and puts a passive layer over rebars to stop chloride corrosion.





Liquid Waterproofing

The concept of liquid waterproofing has existed since the early 1800s. Apart from liquid waterproofing membranes, there are other kinds of waterproofing system, including preformed membranes like APP membrane (SuperThermolay), PVC membrane and integral waterproofing compounds.

Two-Component Cementitious Elastomeric Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membrane

STP Ltd’s ShaliCem EWP can be reinforced with glass fibers and is used for waterproofing roof, sunken, watertank, swimming pools, foundations, retaining walls, etc.

Liquid Polyurethane Materials

ShaliUrethane LHM and ShaliUrethane BTD can be used for all types of waterproofing, applied by roller or airless spray to waterproof balconies, roof deck, mechanical equipment rooms, wet rooms, terraces garden system, etc.

Innovation For Roads

Roads have been made by bitumen since a long time. Bitumen deteriorates under sun’s ultraviolet rays, gets dissolved by Petrochemicals, attacked by chemicals, deicing salts, etc.





Presently, bitumen based fog sealers are used in India. As bitumen gets deteriorated by water, there is a need to use a water resistant sealer on roads. Thus, STP Ltd offers ShaliSeal RSTC, which is an incredible product and is set to revolutionize the Indian roads. 

ShaliSeal RSTC is a coal tar based top slurry coat for roads, to enhance road life by preventing water ingress. It is a refined coal tar based emulsion, designed to protect Asphalt pavements from ultra violet radiation, reducing aging of the Asphalt.

Innovation For Coloured Roads

Bitumen is black due to presence of Asphaltene. Due to its inability to provide coloured surfaces, STP Ltd has developed ShaliSeal CSS-A with the highlights:






  • Increased road safety due to higher contrast
  • Greater illumination inside tunnels
  • Energy savings in tunnels due to reduced lighting
  • Greater creativity for landscape and architectural application
  • Indicates difference in pavement functions
  • High petrol and diesel resistance
  • High UV resistance


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