Different Technical Measures For Production Of Precast Concrete

Application of Concrete with improved compressive strength is the requirement for Precast Concrete and Ready Mix Concrete Industries. With different technical measures, specific high strength requirements can be attained. When properly designed, produced and applied it will always be characterized with a high degree of durability. It becomes difficult for Concrete Engineers and Concrete Producers to evaluate and decide which design approach is suitable to achieve the set technical requirements, when the available concrete making materials are inconsistent.

Precast Concrete Concept

The Concrete concept derives a precast concrete element production process and has essential impact on production timing. Concrete production, installation and curing must therefore be kept as short as possible. Requirements influencing precast concrete production are surface appearance, high compressive strength and high durability. The production steps of batching and mixing, transport, compaction and finishing should also be considered within a Concrete Concept. The adequate workability, fast strength development and rapid installation can be ensured with Advanced Concrete Technology & Advanced Admixture Technology; whereas fast strength development would be critical for Swift Productions.
Evaluation of Different Technical Measures for the Production of High Strength Concrete

The design and production of high strength concrete usually does not follow a particular standard. Manifold technical measures are available to increase the compressive strength of concrete, whereas some could result in unfavourable side effects. Therefore, the thorough testing and investigation of different concrete design factor is of decisive importance. This includes sourcing and testing of several constituent materials and their smart combination like OPC, Fly Ash, Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS), Silica Fume and Superplasticizer. Reduction of water content of a concrete mix resulting in low water/binder ratios is in most of the cases the first action undertaken.

Production of concrete must be both effective and have a small CO2 effect. With sound concrete mix design, innovative superplasticizer technology and powerful accelerator technology, the whole production process can be significantly optimized.
Sika® ViscoCrete®Technology

The Sika® ViscoCrete® technology was extended with novel polycarboxylate ether-based superplasticizers (PCE) dedicated for different markets. A very robust performance under different climatic conditions can be achieved due to new PCE based admixture solutions. With Sika® ViscoCrete® significantly enhances slump retention without additional retardation. The polymers can be modified according to the required properties of Precast Concrete -

-      Workability

-      Water Reduction

-      High Adsorption Speed



Acceleration of Strength in Combination with Resource Friendly Production

The Concrete hardening process is a time-consuming step within Precast Concrete production. On the one hand, it is important to reduce the hardening time, which is always carried out with the application of heat or steam curing; both are highly energy consumptive measures. While on the other hand, energy efficient and environment friendly production processes are gaining importance.




Sika Rapid Technology

This technology offers accelerated hardening with no loss of slump life. As a result, this provides solutions for accelerating performance of all concrete types according to different production conditions. Optimized hardening performance of Concrete can reduce / eliminate heat or steam curing and speed the turnaround of formwork by making it more efficient and ultimately increasing productivity.

High efficient superplasticizer technology and hardening accelerators are very essential for making Precast Concrete. It gives high workability, better finishing time and accelerated strength, reduced heat/steam curing process and increased productivity with sustainability.

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