GHH Launches Radio Remote Control
For Heavy Machinery


As safety is first in mining and tunnelling, the German machine manufacturer GHH is pushing the use of radio remote controls wherever it suits the application. GHH has launched T-RX100J model in this category; it is particularly light, comparatively inexpensive and also works with other OEM equipment.

T-RX100J can be used to control heavy equipment by radio remote, from a safe distance, including load haul dumpers, dump trucks and drilling rigs. It is recommended for use in areas where the operator would be exposed to increased danger. Some key applications include sublevel stoping, because of rock instability, as well as block cave, due to the potential for rock burst.

GHH is selling the remote controls in increasing numbers. The latest customer is a mining contractor in Chile who is using it to remotely control his load haul dumpers (competitive model), in an underground mining application.