Technology-Based Precast Production Solutions

As a leading global provider of precast concrete solutions, Spancrete extends far beyond just the equipment and product output, using their knowledge as the only machinery manufacturer that is also a precast producer in the United States to help others succeed. The company understands the challenges faced by manufacturers and are dedicated to continuing to innovate and offer quality solutions. As a result, their machinery is the most durable in the market.


Spancrete machinery helps their partners by leading the way in scalability, automation and efficiency.

Scalability: The expansive equipment line-up allows for installation of pieces that can scale production based on the individual needs. This means maximum flexibility to increase production capacity as the business expands.

Automation: Eliminate errors and increase customer satisfaction with automation. Spancrete machinery streamlines the manufacturing process to produce with more uniform quality and tighter tolerances than any other system.

Efficiency: At a time when every aspect of a plant is under evaluation, Spancrete machinery provides the ability to scale operations, assuring they are also running efficiently. Many machines can execute rapid accessory changeovers, permitting the machine to be converted from one size of slab to another in under an hour, effectively increasing productivity.


Innovation For The Next Generation

For more than 70 years, Spancrete precast products not only set the standard for excellence, but the complete precast production solutions are sought after throughout the world.


Spancrete machinery provides efficient, technology-based precast production solutions that are scalable to individual plant needs, be it one piece to supplement an existing system, or a full multiple-product production system. From their four-in-one Slipformer to Extruder and other ancillary offerings, Spancrete has the solutions for any size job.


When the Spancrete machinery is installed, the customer is making an investment, built to stand the test of time. This investment will ensure maximum production efficiency with an effective and low maintenance manufacturing process.


Spancrete Machinery

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ in precast machinery. No one-size machine. No one-size product. Precast producers must be equipped with a variety of tools to adjust to the changing needs of customers. Spancrete has the solutions to make it happen.



The Spancrete Slipformer is a machine designed for the manufacture of prestressed hollow-core slabs. The Slipformer’s smooth hydraulic tamping and troweling mechanism results in smooth, flat surfaces, which can be carpeted or tiled directly with minimal preparation. A Spancrete Slipformer can manufacturer four different product lines with one piece of equipment. Unmatched dimensional specifications are within ± 1.5 mm – the tightest standards in the industry. The Slipformer can make slabs between 10 cm to 40 cm of thickness.




The Spancrete Extruder manufactures prestressed hollow-core slabs. The Extruder can make slabs between 12 cm to 50 cm of thickness. It has augers that perform the direct drive by individual electrical motors; this technical solution eliminates the need for a gearbox, allowing individual regulation of the speed of the augers and easier adjustment to the machine for various concrete mass.



The Spancrete Plotter makes it possible to draw data such as angles, piece segmentation, project identification and the area to be notched for installation. The Plotter can also print onto the sides of the hollow-core slabs.


Multi-Function Machine

The Spancrete Multi-Function Machine is used for the preparation of a bed and is designed to serve multi-operational requirements for hollow core production, from cleaning the top surface, to oiling the bed, to pulling multiple strands the length of the bed.




Spancrete Saws are used to cut the hollowcore to the desired length after the concrete is cured. Certain saw models are capable of sawing angles from 0-180 degrees. The Saws are fully adjustable to perform well in each specific environment.


Lifting Clamps/Levelling Bars

Spancrete custom develops lifting equipment to customers’ specific production requirements. The Clamps are heavy-duty and have high load ratings. The lifting equipment features quick engagement and release, ensuring a smooth continuous workflow.


Wire/Strand Drawing Equipment

Spancrete Wire/Strand Drawing Equipment is used to lay the steel wires on the casting beds, unwinding the cable from the wire coil rack or the stackable strand de-coilers



Ancillary Equipment

The production of prestressed concrete elements requires many accessories, consumables and spare parts. All the ancillary equipment needed is available from Spancrete. With more than 70 years of precast expertise, Spancrete’s parts and service team is by the customer’s side, protecting their investment and ensuring success for years to come.


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