Schwing Stetter India’s Boom Pumps


Schwing Stetter concrete pumps set the standard for modern concrete conveying. With worldwide experience and up-to-date technology, Schwing Stetter has designed highly efficient and low-wear pumps, ideal for long-term use under the most severe conditions. The innovation of concrete boom pumps came into being to make the tedious process of carrying concrete for heights easy.

The boom pumps are a different breed of concrete pumps unlike other stationary and line pumps, where the pipelines need to be laid well before pumping, the boom pump does not require this exercise. It has an assembly of pipelines with R, Z or R – Z folds, which enable its 360 degree rotating capacity.

Schwing Stetter India manufactures two types of boom pumps - the separate placing boom and the truck mounted concrete boom pumps. Each of these has their own application. The separate placing booms are usually opted for high rise building projects, whereas the boom pumps have a reputation of providing faster completion and can be used for all the applications.

The most economical construction machine is the one that can be used continuously; therefore, it should be rugged, reliable and above all, suitable for universal applications. Schwing Stetter has designed its boom placer, which is superior to all comparable placing booms in all working ranges.



Further, separate placing booms, which are used in combination with stationary concrete pumps, have established themselves as the ideal concrete distribution system in high-rise constructions and other large-scale structures. The benefits of Schwing Stetter separate placing booms are many, from increased concrete placement speed, to having a tower crane free to handle other necessary lifting and reduced labour requirements. Schwing Stetter India manufactures separate placing booms, ranging in the radius from 25-35 m. These separate placing booms are equipped with floor climbing mechanism to meet the increasing demand in high-rise construction.


At construction sites around the world, truck-mounted concrete boom pumps are widely used. On account of their high utilization, these machines are an integral part of the vehicle fleets of uncountable number of pump services. These truck-mounted concrete pumps also set new standards in occupational safety.


Schwing Stetter India manufactures the following models in truck mounted boom pumps:

S17- Mounted on 4x2 Indian chassis, suitable for small construction site. Available with various pump kits and valve system, can handle any type of concrete.


S20 - With a 20 m boom, it is suitable for bridges. The RZ Boom is suitable for opening the boom in a space with a height restriction and ideally suitable for tunnel lining.


S36X - Mounted on 6x4 Indian chassis, this is a very versatile boom pump for medium construction sites.


S43SXIII- S43SXIII is mounted on 3 or 4 axle truck. It comes with 5 boom section, giving flexibility for the users. This is the biggest boom mounted on 3 or 4 axle truck in India.


All the pumps manufactured by Schwing Stetter are remote controlled and are extremely user friendly. These pumps have very low operative maintenance cost and are easy to operate. There are multiple greasing points in every pump to allow smooth operation of the pump. The hydraulic circuit offered by Schwing Stetter is an open circuit as compared to the closed circuit offered by others. The open circuit curbs the hydraulic oil temperature from rising and suitable for dusty environments, hence cuts the costly maintenance. Schwing Stetter pumps are backed by an adept service team and ample service centres across the country.

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