“Elematic Is Offering BIM Solution In Design Of Buildings Using Precast Technology”

Mr. Chander Dutta shares his views with Civil Engineering and Construction Review, on the current market scenario of precast in India and discusses the product range offered by Elematic India in the precast segment.


Mr. Chander Dutta
Managing Director
Elematic India Private Limited
For more information, contact: shridhar.rao@elematic.com


Civil Engineering & Construction Review: India is a country which is ready to go to great extents when it comes to adapting to new technologies. Considering that, what is your view about Indian construction industry’s reaction to Elematic India’s new offering - BIM?

Chander Dutta: BIM has been in vogue for some time and with the push for efficient building construction where there are complexities involved, BIM as a system gets all the stakeholders, including the owner of the project work on a single model and platform. The adoption of BIM in construction is a key driver of digitalization, moving it away from paper-based drawings to the virtual domain. Professionals have realized that BIM models are accurate or reliable enough for actual construction. Further, innovations in BIM add time and cost dimensions to a BIM model, which in turn helps construction professionals manage construction efficiently.


All details required for actual construction such as rebar details, MEP and fire services, timeline, cost and productivity can be integrated into a single model. Also, clash detection can be done on the model developed and rectified on the model as well at the site, as the project is running all updated seamlessly, updating all the stakeholders on the changes.


BIM is being adapted with an accelerated pace in all segments of construction industry and more so in precast. We expect in a very short time, the industry will witness a shift and old systems currently in practice will give way to BIM. Elematic is offering BIM solution in design of buildings using precast technology, i.e., bringing design, manufacturing, material sourcing, and construction together into one streamlined system; thus, making possible to build high-quality, amazing building structures on time and with cost efficiency.


CE&CR: Please tell us about the range of products offered in the precast segment, application wise.

Chander Dutta: Elematic is a leading one-stop-supplier for precast concrete technology. Our customers are in the business of manufacturing precast floors, walls, frames and foundations – or even all of them. We offer technology based on the project and future construction plans. The customers can plan for plants that cater to construction buildings from 2 lacs sq. ft BUA/year to 50 lacs sq. ft BUA/year.


The level of automation, product to manufacture, personnel, production capacity can further be classified from easy start-up, to large and advanced version of precast production lines. Also, we have different technologies to make:

  • Structural Elements of a building - wall and floor elements, column and beams, staircases.
  • Non-structural Non-Load bearing elements- partition walls that can help replace traditional blocks and bricks walls, eliminating plaster work, and increase installation speed by 7 times.


In addition, Elematic India offers a full range of services to support the investment, ranging from structural engineering support, to production training and supervision for installation of elements. These services help clients quickly come to speed through the learning curve.



CE&CR: The new Elematic Extruder E9 offers high casting speed and 2nd generation automatic compaction control among other benefits, which ease production. What are the other integrated technologies that are available to enhance production? How is the construction industry benefiting from them?

Chander Dutta:

  • The release of our new extruder E9 2019 was the highlight of 2019. We have come up with an extruder which is over 50 per cent faster than our existing version and in comparison with our competitors. This is one of the major breakthroughs in precast technology. Also, our EDGE lines in both wall and slab production have found a good response.
  • The new fully-automated Elematic EDGE wall line optimizes the whole precast wall production from building design, all the way to the construction site. The line features advanced software, modern table circulation and state-of-the art production machinery, and its automated functions cover planning, monitoring and controlling the production process.
  • Last year, we introduced the Wall MES system, which is a part of Elematic’s new, advanced Plant Control solution for precast production. The Wall MES part of Plant Control will cover automatic production planning, work follow-up and quality control of precast wall production. The system can also take panel design information directly from BIM systems such as Tekla Structures.
  • Elematic Wall MES optimizes the panel production and gives a variety of tools for planning and monitoring. The main objective of the manufacturing execution system is to achieve smooth, continuous production and low operational costs, as well as ensure high quality of precast wall panels.
  • Acotec Partition wall are an ideal replacement for concrete blocks and bricks. Acotec is a fast and profitable production technology for light, non-load bearing and room-high partition wall panels. The line covers the entire production process from concrete batching to storage yard. High production of partition walls at a competitive Capex and green concrete product are the advantages of Acotec production.
  • KVT SEMI- Mobile wall and slab production line is an easy start-up of precast production with a low investment. Economy of KVT line is based on small space requirement in a production hall and the possibility to make fast changes in everyday production. USP of this line is that one doesn’t need separate compacting and tilting equipment, as all these actions are performed by a single KVT line.


CE&CR: How do you identify the requirements of your customers?

Chander Dutta: We understand the pain points of customers related to time and cost issues, and offer the best technology to address them. 


As knowledge plays an essential part in implementing precast successfully, Elematic offers technical consultancy and support globally in precast concrete technology from building concept design to detailed engineering and execution. Also, we have a global team with knowledge of different components of precast and efficient production, machinery requirements, modern technology, and building design. Every project is varied and unique in many ways, from occupancy requirements and architectural aesthetics, to the related structural system.


To serve customers in the best possible way, complete engineering services are provided for building design with precast concrete technology, covering conceptualization, analysis of the building for gravity and lateral loads, designing the structure, and providing the production and erection drawings.


The technical centre in Pune offers a solution from the concept of technology and plant design to building design, the quality manuals for production, and the execution of the building.


CE&CR: Can you tell us about the components and design of Elematic’s precast Semi floor production lines?

Chander Dutta: Elematic floor line is well-suited for any scale of production needs, anywhere in the world. With mechanized key processes and straightforward technology, floor production line produces high quality prestressed hollow-core slabs, ribbed/half and solid slabs, Filigran slabs, special slab products and piles.


Our products are now divided into three categories: SEMI, PRO, and EDGE. The biggest difference between these three is their capacity for production and the level of automation. All Elematic manufacturing lines use the long line method, representing guaranteed Elematic quality in technology, providing a precast solution that meets all standards.


The Elematic SEMI line offers attractive features designed especially for a starting pre-caster. The core of the line is casting beds with a maximum capacity of 576 m2/per day. New equipment has been developed for this manufacturing line, including an efficient Extruder P7/E9 with excellent durability, top surface quality, and slab accuracy. In the build-up of the SEMI manufacturing line, local delivery content can be used, such as for the structural steel components of casting beds.


The production line also provides a fast return on investment. It is easy to keep operation costs down as the production line saves remarkable amounts of raw material; Elematic Semi Floor line is the most efficient and functional solution to produce hollow core slabs in the world.



CE&CR: How do you see the demand of precast in three segments - residential, infrastructure and industrial construction?

Chander Dutta: The new imperative in India’s infra sector is timely execution of projects, and precast is the fastest way to ensure that projects don’t have time overruns and the consequent cost overruns.


With fast track roll out of projects in the form of large scale commercial, industrial and residential developments and infrastructure projects, demand for precast is increasing rapidly.


The government plans that will catapult India to the next league are:

  • Smart cities
  • Affordable houses
  • Development of basic Infrastructure planned in a big way in the next 5 years


These targets can be achieved only by use of advanced construction technology like precast. The sectors expected to contribute more are affordable housing, infra development and utility buildings such as hospitals, hotels, etc.


CE&CR: How is the current market trending for the precast industry?

Chander Dutta: There is going to be a good growth for the precast sector in the coming years. This has been talked about a lot in the context of how the precast technology and construction will offer solutions to problems such as the availability and cost of labour, time for construction and the wastage.


There is no better technology than precast when it comes to building construction. This is because precast provides the customer with RCC structure, which is the cheapest raw material that can be made and in comparison with any other form of technology, it offers equal or better speed. Hence, it meets both expectation, in terms of cost and speed of completion. We have tremendous opportunity in the coming years both in residential projects and the commercial ones.



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