Tower Crane For Constructing A Garden - 21 Metres Above Ground


Today’s modern architecture lays a great emphasis on being in harmony with nature even in vertically expanding metropolises. Modern high-rise buildings are being designed to welcome and accommodate such little ‘greenscapes’. While planning high rise building complexes, sometimes, practical difficulties are missed-out or pose a challenge due to some external factors. Recently, Zoomlion-ElectroMech came across such a challenge at an ambitious, large project. A renowned developer is in the process of constructing 250-metre-high rise towers on 17 acres of land in South Mumbai. Of this, 7 acres are reserved for a private garden on Level 7. The podium of Level 7 is at 21 metres high above the ground. Developing such a large garden necessitates use of soil and in this case, it is indeed ‘lots of soil’, almost 15,000 cubic metres or approximately 1000 dump truck load. The bigger question was how to carry this soil to the height of 21 metres, as no access for trucks was possible at this level. When our team was confronted with this challenge, we realised that any standard product will not be of any help and that we must think differently. Our teams from Zoomlion-ElectroMech (tower crane manufacturing), ElectroMech (EOT Crane manufacturing) and Cranedge (provider of after-market support for all types of cranes) carefully analysed the situation. Knowing the limitations and understanding the resource availability, helped us in quickly reaching a solution. After evaluating different possibilities thorough brain-storming sessions together with the customer, our team deduced an ingenious idea.

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The solution consists of a tower crane with a specially designed grabbing bucket attached to its lifting hook. However, it was not possible to erect the tower crane on the ground because of the space constraint. Our team overcame this challenge by placing the tower crane atop Level 7. Considering the load bearing capacity of the floor, it was essential to distribute the entire load appropriately on to columns. For this, a specially designed frame was fabricated. The tower crane chassis (under carriage) was placed on this frame. Specially designed ‘grabbing bucket’ of 1cu.m capacity worked with the tower crane to shift the soil up to Level 7. This has proved to be a perfectly fitting solution and the customer is extremely happy with the idea. Thinking, designing, manufacturing and installing such a unique solution was possible only because of our combined strengths in the field of tower cranes & EOT cranes. Our vast experience of developing solutions for thousands of construction projects also came handy. We now look forward to the completion of this project very soon and will be happy to see a blooming garden on Level 7.