Truck Mounted Crane By Schwing Stetter India


XCMG Truck Mounted Crane QY85YKA_Y is light, strong and fast. It saves on cost, time and weight. It is mobile and easy to set up and requires less labour. It can move extremely heavy and large pieces of equipment and materials, also useful in erection and commissioning. The greatest advantage of the truck mounted crane is that it can move from one job site to another without the need of disassembling and/or assembling. Another advantage of using our truck mounted crane is that, it can travel on highways. That means that it can get to the next job site quicker than most of the other crane types with slow traveling capabilities. It does not require a lot of space to be mounted. The seven distinct advantages are listed below:
1. Advanced Lifting Boom System Five-section telescopic boom with optimized U-shape profile is made of high tension steel plates. The lifting capacity of the boom takes the lead in the same class products in the domestic crane industry. Embedded boom head reduces boom torsion, side-bending, and point contact or line contact between slider and boom while the boom is lifting a load; inserted sliders efficiently increase the overlapping length of adjacent boom sections, avoiding local buckling phenomenon.
2. Brand-New Hydraulic Control System Contributing To More Stable, Reliable and Comfortable Operation Newly designed hydraulic control system contributes to improved working efficiency, better thermal balance, more comfortable operation and easy maintenance. In hoisting system, the oil pressure controls the engagement and disengagement of the winch brake, which helps match the opening and closing of main valve, balance valve and winch brake, avoiding faults such as winch shaking, reverse rotation or hook sliding down.

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3. Combined Counterweight and Mechanical Fixing Device Various combinations of counterweight slabs are available for complying with the road regulations in different regions. The mechanical fixing device can secure counterweight slabs through shafts whichever combination mode is taken and make the counterweight stable on the frame by multi-point supporting and fixing mode, which will eliminate shaking and overturning of counterweight slabs during travel; therefore, the vehicle can drive more efficient, stable and reliable.
4. In-House Developed Load-Sensitive Filter Technology With the load-sensitive filter technology application, the system is free from being affected by the changes of load pressure and oil pump flow; therefore, the speed regulation and system controllability stay true as well as the energy consumption and heating of the hydraulic system are reduced, and the service life of the hydraulic system is extended.
5. Exclusive Telescoping Technology for Improving the Active Safety of Telescoping System The patented technology for controlling boom extension and retraction make the boom extend/retract according to the set sequence, avoiding side-bending of oil cylinder and boom breaking off due to malfunction, improving operation safety. The patented anti-bending technology of telescoping cylinder prevents core tube bending. With the new balance valve spool of telescoping cylinder fitted, oil leakage of balance valve is avoided, and retraction of oil cylinder is prevented.
6. Pneumatic Disc Brake for Front Axle Pneumatic disc brake for front axle increase braking efficiency, enhance braking stability and reduce braking noise. It has features of simple structure, high reliability and sensitive braking response. It greatly improves the braking security of front axle. Easy adjustment of brake clearance facilitates to maintain and contributes to reduced maintenance fee and low operating cost.
7. All Axle Steering System With multi-axle, multi-mode steering technology application, the steering flexibility is significantly improved. Tight turning radius mode, crab walk mode and rear axle locked mode are available to handle various applications. For