Mixer For Dry Mortar Manufacturing


The dry mix mortar technology led to a drastic improvement in productivity in the application of high volume productivity like masonry and vending mortars. The quantity of such a mortar depends on the quality of mortar, their correct mixing ratio, the homogeneity of the mixture etc. The formulae for manufacturing a variety of mortars such as brick mortar, rendering mortar, joint sealing-mortar, tile cement and thin bed mortar are getting more and more complicated led leading to the invention of the new generation mixing technology of “Toshniwal Twin Shaft mixer” by Mr. Forberg-Norway.

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Advantages of the Mixer - Achieving high quality mix - Reduced mixing time - Improved process efficiency - Minimal maintenance The design and the operation of mixer where the ingredients of dry mortar compound of varied particles size with additives less than 100ppm randomly falls on top in a “Fluidized Zone” to achieve homogeneous blend of rich mix in a short duration. With this operation, the material caused causes wear on the mixer’s paddles, hence the life span of the mixer is beyond our expectations.