Rope Suspended Platforms For Tall Structures


The interesting question is why man wants to build to the sky. What is there about the desire for domination, or to reach God, or for private pride - the Pyramids are an example of that, but the tall building is certainly another. — Skyscrapers Introductory Interview with Philip Johnson; an American architect Tall structures have always fascinated the minds of people since the start of its construction in the ancient times. The construction of such buildings began in the ancient times for defensive purposes or religious purposes (roman temples, pharaonic, churches). But in the modern era construction of such project began in the eighties of the nineteenth century for either residential or administrative, and then it became to meet the requirements of hotels & other touristic needs as well. Tall buildings have special importance and a visual advantage, due to its height, obviousness and dominance over the other elements of the scene. There are Many Reasons to Establish a Tall Building Investment Project as Follows:
- People are moving from villages to cities. Rapid growth of population in urban communities, and therefore the constant pressure of the limited land area affected the evolution of building.
- Expensive land prices.
- Restriction of random expansion in major cities adjacent to agricultural land.
- The high cost of setting up infrastructure for new cities.
- Expression of progress and civilization.
- Creating a panoramic view of the city where the building lies.

There are different types of high-rise buildings classified according to their primary use. Like office buildings, hotel buildings, residential and apartment buildings & mixed-use buildings. Mumbai’s Lodha World One is planned as the tallest residential building (117 floors) on the planet. This is ongoing project and nearly 80-85 floors already completed. There are so many factors that encourage the construction of such types of tall buildings. Availability of construction material and advancement of construction machineries play their vital roles to support these structures. NEWAGE has emerged as one of the best solution provider for Rope Suspended Platforms (Gondolas) to these tall buildings. The company feels proud to provide its platforms at World One. Machines are being used by the prestigious facade contractor Alumayer India Pvt. Ltd. Apart from World One NEWAGE gondolas are running at almost all big prestigious projects in Mumbai and the rest of India. A few projects from Mumbai are: Lodha World One, New Cuffe Parade, The Park, Venezia, Omkar 1973, Alta Monte, Crescent Bay, Oberoi 360 West, E-Square, L&T Imperial height, Samrudhi, Minerva, Indiabulls-Panvel, Tata Amantra, Bombay Dyeing- ICC 1&2, Seth Auris Serenity, Runwal Forest City, Hiranandani Business Park, Kalpatru Crest, Radiance, Marathon Monte South and so many other small and big projects where total more than 1,000 machines have been supplied.
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The company has achieved a remarkable growth and secure the number 1 position in its segment. Not only in Mumbai; but Pune, Delhi- NCR, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmadabad and other tier II and tier III cities are also covered. The company believes in Customized Solutions for Rope Suspended Platforms to cater its clients with higher safety features. L-type (90°), C-Shape, Curve-Shape, Round-Shape, W-Shape, Square-Shape, Front Extension Platforms (fixed/ folding) and multiple modifications in Suspension Mechanism are highly appreciated and accepted at prestigious high-rise projects. Rope Suspended Platform, which is commonly known as Gondola (or cradle/ or RSP) is electrically operated temporarily installed suspended access equipment, which is a suspended manned facility for work at heights by relying on a movable platform driven by motor, designed to suspend along the vertical surface of building by steel wire ropes through the suspension mechanism placed at the top of building. It is a kind of non-regular suspended access equipment. The suspended access equipment is featured in strong construction adaptability, higher construction height, less occupation of construction land, high construction efficiency, easy erection, less labour need etc. Earlier traditional bamboos or metal scaffolds were in use for external works, but the concept of tall structures created the safety related questions on this traditional mechanism. Then Rope Suspended Platform came into the picture with high-efficiency, advanced technology and so many in-built safety devices for working at height. RSP are now widely used in India for working at height for the installation of billboard or windows, window cleaning, external renovation, painting, plastering, decoration of bridges, buildings, chimneys, silos and other structures, etc. This is an easy-to-use and efficient solution. Utilizing decade of engineering experience, a safe modular system is developed that makes it easy to quickly adjust the platform’s dimensions and shape to the current needs. When designing and fabricating suspended platforms, quality and reliability is focused in the first place. RSP is permissible to work on height. There is long life of machine, easy to repair with lower maintenance cost. The appreciated performance of Rope Suspended Platform has been accepted widely to support these tall buildings.