Paschal, The German Modular Formwork System For Every Tall Structure


Paschal formwork India Pvt Ltd, the subsidiary of ‘PASCHAL’ the German Formwork, has become one of the most reputed formwork companies in India since its establishment in 2010. PASCHAL has a range of products and Modular system is one of the best products among them. Modular has its own identity for being versatile in nature. Because of these qualities it can be used in any kind of projects for vertical structures. FY 2016 – 2017 was a very good year for Paschal Formwork India Pvt Ltd. Our products were used in almost all construction sectors. To elaborate the versatility of Modular, we have chosen a vast residential project in Hyderabad and a hydro power project in Odisha, where Modular was the key factor for its speedy and quality construction. These projects are totally different in nature, but the common aspect is Paschal Modular system for different vertical structures. Residential Project: The residential project is being built in Hyderabad by one of the prominent contractors is of 17 towers with all 10 storied buildings. Paschal Modular system is in action to cast 163,980 sqm (area involves column Basement, Podium & typical floors which is a real task to complete within the schedule time) with formwork

as little as 611 sqm. The beauty of the material is that, apart from the above-mentioned structures, the same material is being used for casting footings and retaining wall too. Since the material is very user friendly, the project team could achieve their target even after the frequent change in labour Crew.
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Hydropower Project: Paschal Modular System is used to build 24MW hydropower project in Odisha. The Project consists of different structures like Raft, Pier and abutment at Barrage structure for which material must be designed carefully, as the work is carried out only 6 months in a year during low levels of river. During Peak River flow period, the same material is to be used for Intake structures as well as for Power House. Our technical experts have planned and designed the formwork utilization in such manner that, 630 sqm of formwork can be utilized from one structure to another structure for total area of 50,000 sqm considering their technical parameters and time limitations. A remote location where labour attrition is high, Paschal modular system facilitated the project with an extensive training from our engineering wing, even laymen can become experts in a short period. We are very proud to have satisfied clients and grateful to their references that takes us miles.