Beijing Launches First 5G Construction Site




China’s first construction site to use 5G technology has been activated in Beijing, where around 40 contractors building a high-tech business district have upgraded their systems to make use of a network that transmits data at 10 gb/second.

Among them are “AI glasses” that allow engineers to see what workers are seeing on site from their offices, and communicate with them. Other applications that may be deployed include robotics, multidimensional, real-time monitoring, the use of blockchain to verify information, and the use of the internet of things to automate progress reporting.

The site has also implemented a system to monitor the health of each worker by measuring 10 indicators, including blood pressure and electrocardiography, and issue physical examination reports.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued its first 5G licence last year. The system on the Yizhuang site is being provided by China Unicom, a state telecoms company.