Second Kolia Bhomora Setu Bridge Project



Road and bridges connect and link all parts of our country. The infrastructure push by the Government of India in the north-eastern region has materialized into various projects of national importance. One such shining example is the second Kolia Bhomora Setu bridge project.


Assam, Tezpur: The plummeting waters of the Brahmaputra river are now home to the second Kolia Bhomora Setu bridge which connects Sonitpur on the North bank with Nagaon district on the south bank. The project consists of 3.015 km over river bridge, 8 minor bridges, 6 box culverts and 13 pipe culverts. Concrete grades used are M30 and M50. Total volume of concrete to be poured and produced in this project is around 105,000 m3 so far. This NHIDCL project is being constructed by Gammon India and SP Singla Construction using Schwing Stetter India (SSI) equipment as listed:


It took 54 months to complete the 21 pillar and 19 pillar structure and it will take another 12 months to hand over the project.


Why have you partnered with Schwing Stetter for your concreting solutions?

Throughout my 15-year journey in construction, I have found that 90% of the concrete production, transportation and placement are exclusively done using Schwing Stetter India’s (SSI) concreting equipment. Also, SSI equipment is present in all projects of national importance. For concreting in the challenging waters of Brahmaputra, Stetter’s concrete batching plant CP30 was more than compatible.


Monthly about 5,000 m3 of concreting was done using Stetter equipment, which were reliable throughout the project. The contract value is estimated to be 588 crores and the contract period is 48 months. At present, 60% of the work is completed using Schwing Stetter India’s reliable and productive concreting equipment. When it comes to concrete truck mixers, it is only Schwing Stetter equipment that comes to our mind. They are our only preferable mixers which are so easy to operate and maintain. Schwing’s truck mounted concrete boom pump stands out in the crowd as the specified performance is always delivered


What is your experience with Schwing Stetter India’s service support?

Service is good and over the phone assistance from Schwing Stetter’s service team was very much helpful in keeping the project on the go without any breakdowns.


Why do you never buy spares from spurious market?

Spares from Schwing Stetter are very much productive and I would say that Schwing Stetter products are more than hundred percent successful. The quality of the equipment beats the cost and the equipment has zero down time helping with concreting round the clock.


What challenges were faced while executing this project?

Concreting is always a challenging task, especially in a bridge project construction. Undergoing research methodologies as to which equipment would prove to be ideal for which part of the project was highly challenging and this was put to ease by Schwing Stetter’s wide range of concreting equipment.



Why have you partnered with Schwing Stetter for your concreting solutions?

Schwing Stetter is the best concreting equipment manufacturer, known for good quality, reliable service, and best maintenance. Service offered is the best by Schwing Stetter India for all our projects and is the perfect choice. There was not any breakdown and even in rare cases when it occurs, the service team kept the project going by addressing it instantly.



Why do you never buy spares from spurious market?

Getting spares from Schwing Stetter is easier than getting it from the market and we are proud to be the loyal customers of Schwing Stetter India.


Please tell us about the last time you noticed and appreciated Schwing Stetter’s prompt support?

I would say that Schwing Stetter’s prompt spares and service support would be the two things which would interest other companies in the concreting industry to partner with Schwing Stetter India.


What challenges were faced while executing this project?

The one thing that makes Schwing Stetter India unique is their ability to master the service required to work in remote environment with a highly skilled service team, along with their ability to develop innovative methods that kept the work moving efficiently in a resource thin - bridge on water construction environment. This was the biggest challenge which I would consider.



Adapting to the challenges and reaching milestones - To deal with complicated on-water and under-water concreting, which is hard to work with, Schwing Stetter offers a complete concreting and construction equipment solution from shore to placement of concrete in flowing water. Schwing Stetter offers engineered solutions with experience gained from thousands of applications over 86 years. Over the past few decades, Schwing Stetter has contributed to all the major projects of national importance, being the pre-eminent single source of concreting equipment solution provider.


Milestone no. 1 - Transfer of concrete under water and on water through a barge

It would not have been easy to transfer the concrete over the varied water conditions without Schwing Stetter’s barge mounted concrete transit mixers, stationary concrete pump, concrete separate placing boom and a concrete placer boom. The barge helped in pumping and transportation of concrete through Stetter concrete truck mixers, Schwing stationary concrete pump, Schwing concrete separate placing boom and Schwing concrete placer boom without any hassles throughout the entire project.


Milestone no. 2 - Concrete placement at different heights on water

Fluctuations in the water levels was easily managed by Schwing’s truck mounted concrete boom pumps. The solution was to add extra flexible pipelines in the boom pump that helped to place the concrete at fluctuating heights without any discrepancies.