Sparkline’s Overhead Industrial Cranes

Sparkline represents the Overhead Industrial crane market in India. It is one of the most trusted brands with a sizeable market share, representing one of the top three companies in the Indian market.


Sparkline has been present in this market since the last 25 years; but, the market demand in last 5 to 7 years or so has been more or less stagnated and the market expansion is limited to 3 to 5% in size. The Indian Overhead Industrial crane market is estimated to be around Rs. 3,000 crore,
wherein Sparkline represents the niche European standards market catering to a wide variety of industries.


Cranes being used for reducing human efforts has demand in all sectors of the industry. Some sectors like Automotive, Construction equipment, Infrastructure, Agriculture Equipment do drive the demand more. With the changing needs for optimizing the resources and automisation needs of the industries, more impetus will be seen in demand for Industry standards in crane industry.



The demand and supply has a gap in terms of availability of high quality, reliable hoists and cranes, which meet the highest safety standards, it being the most important factor in this market.


A comprehensive safety policy and single standard which guides this industry and equipment will be the need of future. Currently, a wide variety of global standards satisfy the needs based on user acceptance.


Sparkline has set the standards by supplying more than 5,000 hoists and cranes; we cater the market with reliable, low maintenance and high life cycle products. There are cases wherein as low as 0.1% of project cost as Opex cost per annum has been achieved by our customers. The need of value addition and solutions under one roof is wherein Sparkline is differentiated in its offering. We cater to the entire MHE requirements, Cranes, Conveyors, Automation, Tackles, Fixtures and Services, all under one roof, bringing peace of mind to the customers. We work on enabling right selection and leveraging our international tie-ups in technology to meet the productivity and optimisation needs of the industry specifics.



Challenges in these uncertain times and VUCA world are there to remain, while challenges of optimizations, changing user habits, increased safety focus are always there for betterment. Where we focus is on our strengths of being proactive, friendly and expert to provide the right first time solutions to meet these challenges faced by various Industries.


In current scenario post the COVID-19, the need of more atomised cranes and MHE solutions will be need of the hour. Least touch points and social distancing will mean more cabin operated, single man handling cranes as atomization’s need. On demand side, some sectors will drive the cranes market growth like, Food, Pharma, Health and Infrastructure industries.


Industry and customer specific solutions under one roof will be in demand, since the focus of the core teams within industries will be on quickly ramping up the operations on one side. The demand will also be to build a supply chain system which in event of such occurrences stay stable to meet the demand of their end customers.


Safety being of prime importance, used cranes market is a remote possibility as far as overhead Industrial cranes is concerned; however, new norms of rental cranes, billed per hour without going in for Capex investment can be a future area of growth. Upgrading of existing cranes for automisation and scaling up are other areas of growth envisaged.


Sparkline Equipments Pvt Ltd is present and capable to meet the wide variety needs of market with its Customer First Mindset, the value which drives our existence in India since our inception in 1991.