The Art of Scaffolding: Allround Scaffolding Stair Tower


L ayher, the multinational scaffolding company produces highquality scaffolding systems in Germany. Layher has worldwide presence with more than 40 sales subsidiaries. The products are being used by industries like construction, chemical plants, power plants, at shipyards and offshore. Nowadays for demanding and complex scaffolding applications – i.e., wherever conventional scaffolding technology falls short of optimal thus cost-effective use, Layher Allround Scaffolding convincingly comes in with an unmatched range of advantages: unbeatably fast assembly, persuasive economic arguments and an extensive range of series-produced accessories. More Possibilities -Layher Products and Services Layher’s present product characteristics and services help customers achieve long-term success and increase the profitability of their companies. The Layher Allround Scaffolding has been established as a synonym for modular scaffolds on the market. The Allround Scaffolding offers unsurpassed versatility to be used in construction sites, chemical industry, power plants, aircraft, shipyards, event sector, theatres and arenas. Application of Allround Scaffolding Stair Tower One of the fundamental requirements for accident free and economically efficient work is safer scaffolding access. With the Allround Construction stairway tower 200, 12 – standard, each stairway is assembled from 2 separate stairway stringers with standard steel deck used as step. On the One hand, this make the weight/volume of the individual parts lower, the proportions of standard materials higher, and the additional costs lower, and on the other hand it permits even more variants in the stairway width. The stairway tower with child protected guardrail to its riser measures mainly used in public areas and event constructions as access to stage and grandstands. Its features are the high load-bearing capacity and the reduced stairway riser. Guardrail other than simple guardrails consisting of handrail and intermediate rails are possible. The high proportion of standard Layher Allround material further contributes to high efficiency. Typical applications road crossings during construction work, and mandatory escape stairway tower. Optimum adaptation to the structure’s geometry – flexibility in use: to build any shape, Allround Scaffolding from Layher proved to be the ideal solution both as the support/work scaffolding and for site access. This modular system scaffolding permits, with its bolt-free wedgehead connection technology, not only rapid assembly, but also – thanks to a comprehensive range of parts – unlimited applications, even with very difficult ground plans and anchoring conditions or with complex architecture.

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The city of Rotterdam has from mid-May to mid-June a temporary new landmark: a giant staircase with 180 steps from the station square, right in front of the Groothandelsgebouw. The scaffolding system, an idea of MVRDV and designed by architect, is a nod to 75 years rebuilding the city, which is celebrated this year with the cultural event “Rotterdam celebrates the city!” The reduced number of components in the prefabricated shoring frames when compared with single parts, the low component weight of no more than 20 kilograms and variable bay lengths all help to ensure, thanks to their easy assembly, a high degree of efficiency at the site, while compatibility with Allround Scaffolding means high flexibility. Every requirement on a site can be met economically using the Allround construction kit – whether it’s connecting large shoring structures using Allround ledgers and diagonal braces, adapting to different geometries, or adding work levels and stairway towers. The scaffolding erectors also proved resourceful when it came to logistics: for vertical transport of the scaffolding material, they simply used the site crane to cope with the height of the scaffolding. With the Allround Construction stairway tower 200, 12-standard, each stairway is assembled from 2 separate stringers with standard decks. The Permissible load 2.0 kN/m2 with a stair flight width 1.09 m. The stairway tower 500 with child safety guardrails is used for preference in public areas, e.g. road crossings during construction work, stairway in public building for the duration of building work, or as escape stairway towers. The Permissible load 2.0 kN/m2 with a stair flight width of 2.07 m. Stairway dimensions: riser = 20 cm, tread = 27.5 cm. The details of Scaffold stair tower height are 29 m and length of Scaffold 57 m, the staircase is an impressive landmark of the cultural Event. These mega stairs to the top of the Groothandelsgebouw is constructed by the company Dutch Steigerbouw. Near about 25 tons of scaffolding material was used. This will put down the base of the staircase, like beams, pillars, rosettes, diagonals, stair parts. There are 18 men working on this project and scaffolders at night, and the carpenters of PègeBouwdaytime. The building itself weighs 58 tons. In addition, 252 tons of ballast is used and there are 440 litres of white paint used for the stairs. On top comes 1080 sq.m plating. We are proud to apply our scaffold products for this remarkable construction.