Climbing Formwork For Tall Structures


With rapid growth of urbanization, High rise structures will be seen everywhere across India. Modern construction demands technologies which are faster, safe and innovative. For nearly 50 years, PERI products and systems have successfully proved themselves in the market globally. PERI has developed ground breaking formwork and scaffolding technologies which continue to set standards in the industry. Climbing System Technology Climbing system is one such example of innovation in formwork technology. Climbing system in used for the construction of vertical as well as inclined structural elements at great heights, e.g. high-rise building walls, bridge piers and dams.

Generic placeholder image Mr. Raj Lakhani
Managing Director
PERI (India) Private Limited

In 2017, PERI India celebrated the 10th Anniversary of PERI India, a successful journey with our continuous endeavour to build a strong customer relationship by offering distinct solutions for every construction need. Innovation supported by adequate R&D is a key driver for our growth. PERI India has been growing its footprints in high rise & infrastructure sector in India. With landmark projects such as Mahatma Mandir, Statue of Unity, Agra-Lucknow Expressway, Hyderabad Metro using our state-of-the-art formwork and scaffolding system, we have proved our mettle in delivering customized solutions for every complex need in a cost-effective manner.
In addition to simple scaffold platforms, there are other different climbing systems whereby brackets, platforms and formwork are connected to form securely mounted units. These climbing units can be lifted as one unit to the next concreting section after striking has taken place. With the crane-climbed formwork, units are moved by crane and attached to climbing anchors, which have been concreted in advance. If a hydraulic climbing device lifts the units to the next storey, then this is called self-climbing formwork. For this crane-independent variant, the climbing unitis guided mostly by means of rails while dedicated climbing shoes provide safe and secure anchorage on the building. Apart from systems with integrated hydraulics, rail-climbed systems are also available which operate using mobile self-climbing devices. For different building shapes and tasks, optimized system variants have also been developed: climbing systems for façade areas, building cores and shafts as well as inclined bridge pylons. Climbing protection panels, which serve as a wind shield and anti-fall protection, complete the product portfolio for ensuring safe and comfortable working conditions at great heights. Climbing SCS serves as a load-bearing structure for supporting single-sided, non-tied or double-sided, anchored wall formwork. For single-sided applications, the loads from the fresh concrete are transferred – without formwork ties –through the brackets into the climbing anchors of the previous concreting section. The SCS Climbing System is characterized by a high level of costeffective modular concept with multi-piece brackets facilitate optimum adaptation to suit project-specific requirements and geometries.
With 10 years of existence in India, PERI India has executed large number of iconic projects. One of the iconic project is Mahatma Mandir, where epitome of PERI formwork engineering excellence was demonstrated. Mahatma Mandir is a convention centre and a memorial located at Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. Design of the Mahatma Mandir Convention cum Exhibition Centre has been inspired from and reflects life and philosophy of the Father of the Nation- Mahatma Gandhi; reflecting the prosperity of Gujarat. It is one of the biggest convention centres of India spread over 34 acres. It was built by Shapoorji Pallonji Company Limited in two phases. Phase 1 of Mahatma Mandir construction includes a convention centre, three big exhibition halls and small halls having conferencing facility. Phase 2 includes construction of salt mound memorial, a garden, a suspension bridge, wind mills and development of parking space. Its planning and design is environment friendly. A memorial dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi was one of the highlights of the project constructed by Shapoorji Pallonji Company Limited. A suspension bridge is built in memory of the Dandi March. A concrete dome structure is constructed representing salt mound houses a museum, library and research centre. Suspension bridge was constructed to connect memorial and exhibition area. It was first such challenging Bridge Pylon project for PERI India due to its sloping profile. PERI India being world leader in climbing system technology was preferred as formwork solution partner to execute this Iconic project. PERI SCS Climbing System is being used for inclined pylons, which are inclined at 15 degrees. Due to large size of pylons through ties are not possible and SCS System is effectively used to take entire load from each pour and safely transfer it to the existing structure. With the SCS 250, the formwork can be retracted upto 62 cm by means of the carriage without a crane. This facilitates concrete reinforcement work, assembly of the climbing anchors and setting as well as striking of box-outs. The project was completed with best in class engineering and execution.The project was directly monitored by Prime Minister’s Office and efforts and expertise of PERI system was well appreciated.