Volvo EC210D Helps Stabilize Damaged Java River


In 2010, one of Indonesia’s most dangerous volcanos—Mount Merapi in Central Java— violently erupted over the course of two months, engulfing nearby areas in ash, mud and debris, the volcano dumped massive amounts of cold lava that flooded and damaged rivers including the nearby Pabelan River in Muntilan, Magelang. Now close to a decade later, a local mining quarry company is using a EC210D crawler excavator from Volvo Construction Equipment to mine for rocks and to help stabilize the river. On site since September 2017, the versatile EC210D is helping move between 280 m3 to 300 m3 of sand and rocks per day at the Pabelan River project. The crawler excavator joins a fleet of excavators and wheel loaders, and is expected to remain on site for one year working an average of 22-hours per day, as part of the two-year river stabilization project. “Volvo machines are high performers that are durable, reliable and provide strong power in this tough and challenging environment,” said H.N. Year, owner of CV Sumber Jaya Sakti, a mining quarry company based in Magelang, Central Java.