Performance And Sustainability

Meeting construction needs with high performance and sustainable products for construction industry


Cement Additives Optimize Manufacturers’ Processes
MAPEI’s cement additives provide innovative solutions for cement producers. For example, the Mapei cement additives allow a reduction of clinker content while offering the same mechanical performance of the cement, thus guaranteeing a 5% to 10% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions plus a savings in non-renewable raw materials. The division of MAPEI that is involved in cement additives was founded in 2001. It has grown 30% every year in terms of sales and volume, thanks to innovative and high quality products combined with superior technical support and dedicated R&D. Today, supported by the Group’s structure and expertise, MAPEI’s cement additives division is supplying all major cement groups worldwide, offering new technologies and local technical assistance. The cement additives division is able to guarantee high levels of customer assistance and product quality by combining high-quality raw materials; fully computer-based production facilities; and expertise in product chemistry, industrial processes and grinding plant technology. The dedicated scientists at MAPEI’s Research Centers not only develop new raw materials and cement additive components, they are also active in customer support. MAPEI’s state-of-the-art laboratories allow the cement additives division to perform specific and in-depth clinker and cement Analysis in order to optimize the use of grinding aids. The labs also offer customized solutions for enhanced cement performance and improved production. The cement additives being introduced in the World wide include grinding aids, strength enhancers, pack-set reducers and Cr(VI)- reducing additives for all types of cement, as well as air-entraining agents for masonry cement. MAPEI has established production lines for cement additives in many of its facilities around the world. Cement additive production has also extended to the India through manufacturing facility located in Bangalore and Vadodara. Mapei India, Cement additive division looks to serve large cement producers in India with the support of our global organization. These cement additives will help these companies to achieve their own sustainability efforts as we contribute to the improvement of the environment and help to reduce the costs of cement production.
Concrete admixtures –Add’s Strength and Flexibility
MAPEI’s Research and Development (R&D) teams around the Globe have been working to supply concrete admixtures for RMC, the precast concrete sector and large construction companies with concrete admixtures requirement. Mapei Concrete Admixtures have helped build some of the largest edifices and major infrastructure projects in India. The Mapei Concrete Admixtures have been routinely used to

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produce high-performance concrete mixes that are called upon to perform in all weather conditions with excellent wet and hardened property. With MAPEI’s resources and innovation, Mapei India will continue to incorporate the latest product technology available to meet customer needs and focus on continuing the development of next generation concrete admixture products.
Mapei further strenthens ,its offer to meet the innovation needs of construction industries by way of:
- Support cement reduction /change
- Support the use of the Supplementary cementitious materials
- Support energy reduction
- Support productivity increase
- Support labour cost reduction
- Support durability prolongation
- Support eco efficiency and efforts for sustainable construction
Underground Construction Team Offers Technology and Products.
MAPEI has entered the underground technology arena in India with a team of specialists who are working with contractors, engineers and owners’ representatives for tunneling, hard-rock mining and other large underground projects. This integrated approach – pulling from the expertise of MAPEI engineers, R&D personnel and onsite representatives – stems from a visionary global program that the company initiated in Europe. The technology has already been successfully utilized in Asia, Europe and America. MAPEI has a solid core group of products to meet the needs of this market segment, and the depth and breadth of knowledge of our R&D people will help us find solutions for the challenges that engineers encounter in this field of Underground Technology Team (UTT). MAPEI’s product solutions for underground construction encompass:
- Admixtures, alkali-free accelerators and hydration control for the improvement of sprayed concrete.
- Soil-conditioning systems, sealants, abrasion control and annulus grouting systems for mechanized tunneling.
- Injection products that include micro-cements, polyurethane (PU) technology, acrylic resins, mineral grouts and anchors.
- Sprayable membranes, PVC sheet membranes and ancillary products for waterproofing.
- A sprayable mortar-based system for fire protection plus epoxy final coating
Purtop line - Impermeable Roof, Bridge Deck & Hydraulic Structure
Purtop Line -Rapid, spray-applied waterproof membranes with excellent crack bridging ability, tensile,tear resistance and durability.
PURTOP 400 M: Hybrid Polyurea waterproofing membrane for Large flat roofs and bridge decks.
PURTOP 600: Hybrid Polyurea membrane with exceptional elongation and bond strength , it is suitable for application on horizontal, sloping and curved surfaces not subject to traffic, on civil and industrial buildings.
PURTOP 1000: Pure polyurea Waterproofing membrane for storage tanks,basins and hydraulic structures in general, as well as any structure requiring protection with a high-performance membrane.
PURTOP HA: Waterproofing membrane for small to medium size terraces and flat roofs, and for repairing surfaces waterproofed with hybrid polyurea and/or pure polyurea-based membranes
Purtop System Roof: Spray-applied hybrid polyurea Purport waterproofing system is subdivided in to waterproofing system for non-trafficked roofs
Purtop System Deck: Spray-applied hybrid polyurea or pure polyurea-based waterproofing system for trafficked roofs and bridges and viaduct decks
Purtop System Tank: Spray-applied, pure polyurea-based waterproofing system for storage tanks, basins and hydraulic structures in general
Mapei Polyurethane Concrete Flooring System
A complete range of Mapefloor CPU cementitious and resin floor coverings is being introduced to India. This family of polyurethanecement mortars, plus a finishing coat, has been designed to provide high resistance to chemicals, impact and vehicular tries, making the product suitable for the chemical , Pharmaceutical , CIP, manufacturing process, food and beverage industries.
Practical application of the flooring system:
- Damp tolerance during application and reducing , project delays and shut down time
- Low temperature application properties and cure time
- Non taint and low VOC during application and service

- Ease of cleaning and ability to maintain Hygiene
- A unique range of slip resistance to meet the customer need
Mapefloor CPU Line
Mapefloor CPU/MF Polyurethane-cement, self-smoothing topping with high chemical-resistance and excellent mechanical properties, for 3-6 mm industrial floor applications
Some application examples are
- Areas subject to abrasion and heavy mechanical loads such as warehouses and loading bays.
- Floors in production areas subject to frequent cleaning operations, such as those used for processing fish and meat products.
- Floors in the dairy industry.
- Floors in breweries, wineries and bottling factories.
- Areas for processing and packing sugar.
- Floors in production and storage areas in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries
Mapefloor CPU/HD Three-component high-strength polyurethane/ cement-based mortar with high resistance to chemicals for coating industrial floors in layers from 6 to 9 mm thick. Complies with standards applied in the foodstuffs sector Some application examples are
- Areas subject to high abrasion and heavy mechanical loads such as warehouses and loading bays.
- Floors in production areas subject to frequent cleaning operations, such as those used for processing fish and meat products.
- Floors in the dairy industry.
- Floors in breweries, wineries and bottling plants.
- Areas for processing and packing sugar.
- Floors in production and storage areas in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
- Cold storage areas such as chiller rooms, cold rooms, etc.