STP Limited, a member of Turner Morrison Group, formerly known as Shalimar Tar Products Limited, has been serving India, primarily in Waterproofing and Protective Coatings since 1935. STP enjoys over 80 years of trust of its customers built assiduously through timely delivery of quality products. STP has been the leader in the Indian Waterproofing and Damp proofing market. In an exclusive interaction with Mr D P Sengupta, President (DAP), STP Limited shares his pride product and its specialty of his esteemed Company with CE & CR.
CE&CR: What is the role of construction chemicals and waterproofing systems in concrete durability?
D. P. Sengupta:
Construction Chemical Products play a vital role to facilitate the construction and as well as protecting it. Concrete is by far the best material of construction available on this earth. At the same time concrete has certain limitations too. Concrete is a rigid material and has a poor Tensile strength, hence, not comfortable under movement (expansion /contraction) due to temperature variation.

Generic placeholder image Mr. D. P. Sengupta
President (DAP)
STP Limited, Mumbai
a) Cracks are developed due to the expansion and contraction and these cracks get widen under repeat movement. These cracks act as an entry path for water resulting seepage and leakage.
b) Also, cold joints in concrete are always vulnerable.
c) On continuous exposure to the environment, concrete is attacked by carbon dioxide, chloride and sulphates and in presence of moisture, these elements form a corrosive acid resulting deterioration of concrete.
d) Also, while in continuous contact with accumulated water, fungus and algae formation happen over concrete.
e) Presence of high chloride ion in water may misbalance the passivating layer around reinforcement bar, hence, that could cause formation of rust/ corrosion on reinforcement bars resulting rapture in concrete and reduction of life.
f) All these problems can be addressed and solved by use of construction chemical products and waterproofing coating.

CE&CR: What is your outlook on the Indian market after GOI’s initiation towards urban infrastructure improvement?
The yardstick of measurement of progress and development of any country is always its Infrastructure Development. It is an excellent move by the Government to improve urban infrastructure through investment in the areas of Airports, Metro Railway, Coastal Roads, New Flyovers and Roads. Metro Railway projects already exist in all A-Grade cities, though, Mumbai has been lacking, but now it is happening in Mumbai in a big way.Some of the state Capitals like Lucknow, Cochin and Jaipur are already having metro running and have plan for extension too. Some other ‘B’ grade towns and state capitals like Nagpur, Pune, Ahmedabad, where Metro Railway projects are under construction. Viability study and DPR for Metro Railway are already under process for many other cities/towns.
Both Airport Authority and Private promoters are making major investments towards construction of Green Field Projects and extensions towards operational facilities like run ways/taxi ways and terminal Buildings. Also, the Government has planned to introduce better connectivity to smaller town through Regional Connectivity scheme through which many smaller Airport will be upgraded with better facilities. Coastal Roads and Big Flyovers also need large investment. Over and above the champion of the projects is ‘BharatMala’ project, which would make a sea change to the connectivity and significant enhancement of various facilities and upgradation of Sea Ports. In addition, low cost Housing Projects under PM Yojana and introduction of RERA would have a large impact on confidence build up in Real Estate, which plays a big role in urban economy. Involvement of foreign Bidders/contractors in Mega projects as JV would likely to improve FDI also.
CE&CR: Please share your experience of Execution of Waterproofing works in any benchmark project in India.
In my opinion the nature of obstacles faced in any medium or big size waterproofing projects by and large similar. In case of bigger projects problems only get scaled up. The main issues always faced are:
- Scope of Work: Clarity is absent in terms of substrate conditions to be offered, so extent of surface preparation required either gets cut short or a dispute arises
- Clearance of Site: Most of the cases there is a delay leading to idle labour charges and cost over run
- Damage to Work: Ideally and logically no other Agency should work simultaneously till completion and protection of waterproofing work is done. It never happens and leads to damage to waterproofing work.
- Extra Pressure on Waterproofing Contractor: This being the last job for the building (in case of terrace) undesired pressure is created for quick completion, which may result in a quality issue.
- Over and above administrative and financial/commercial issues also play a role in hampering progresses of work.
CE&CR: How has the waterproofing technology evolved in India after Govt’s “Make in India” initiative?
In my opinion probably, there would not have any direct relation or impact between evolvement of waterproofing technology and Make in India programme. However, there could be scope for improvement of waterproofing and its standards in case of more overseas people participate.

CE&CR: What is the role of waterproofing technology towards building durable and sustainable structures?
Waterproofing is a part and parcel of any structure today, whether it is a building/sky scrapper, Bridge/Flyover, vertical structures. The role of waterproofing is nothing but protection of structure to enhance the life of structure and add comfort along with hygienic living. Every part of building whether it’s a basement, retaining walls, podium, terraces, and exterior walls require waterproofing not only to enhance the life, but it reduces the maintenance cost and add aesthetics.The selection of type of waterproofing shall depend on many aspects and probably this may not be a forum to have any further discussion now.
CE&CR: You have very strong product Linel ike Waterproofing and Insulation, Road Surfacing, Sealants and Additives, Protective / Anti-Corrosive Coating, Pipeline Coating, Grouts / Admixtures (GARA), FlooringRepair & Rehabilitation. Tell us about some of your recent products in this regard.
STP has a large product range covering waterproofing, Road surfacing, Protective & Anticorrosive coating, sealants, etc. A few new products are mentioned here.
ShaliSeal RSTC ShaliSeal® RS TC is Polymer Modified Waterproof UV Resistant Sealer Coat for Roads both flexible and concrete, which prevents ingress of water and thereby enhances life of the road. A coat of ShaliSeal® RS TC every two years ensures pot hole free road, eliminates need of relaying, and adds to joy of driving. Also, material saved from avoidable relaying could be used to lay new roads, which will facilitate faster connectivity. ShaliSeal® RS TC is economical, user friendly and causes least inconvenience to road users. It offers a thin coating of 500 micron with product coverage of 1 kg/sqm in two coats without affecting the riding quality. It has already been used by leading government and Private users having initial approval of IRC and other organizations.
ShaliSeal CSSA ShaliSeal CSS A is a two component, cold applied, flexible, skid resistance, tough and durable polymeric coating for both asphalt and concrete road. ShaliSeal® CSS A is available in factory pre-weighed kit and is available in different colours to meet specific purpose. Also, it is used as sports coating for various courts with different colours.It forms a thickness of 1.2 mm with a coverage of 3.2 kg/sqm. ShaliUrethane LHM 2K ShaliUrethane LHM 2 K is a two component with 100% solid content polyurethane based liquid membrane having high elongation of 400% plus and high Tensile strength.It forms a thickness of 1mm with 1litre/ sqm of material. This can be applied by spray and brush/roller forming tough and efficient waterproofing coating.
CE&CR: Tell us about your manufacturing facility and distribution network.
STP has six manufacturing establishments: We have 250 Distributors and Dealers located all over the country along with over 150 Authorised Applicators. CE&CR: What is Bituminous Tape? What are its applications? D.P.S: We can offer the following products falling under broad category of Bituminous tape.
CE&CR: What are your products specially used for roads construction?
Products for road construction are:

A. Rigid Pavement
B. Flexible Pavement
CE&CR: What is the latest innovation in your R & D section?
Our Avishkar, an approved laboratory by Ministry of Science & Technology is working round the clock for development of new products and upgrading existing products. We would not like to discuss any details regarding new products here. However, we may come out shortly with some new floor coating and waterproofing products.

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