About US

Civil Engineering & Construction Review is a leading infrastructure monthly on methods, materials and machinery, launched in 1988 in New Delhi, India by Trend-Set Engineers Pvt. Ltd. The journal provides its readers with updates from both industry and academia on all aspects of the construction industry, with a special emphasis on areas such as:

  • Tall Structures
  • Concreting
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Precast Technologies
  • Dams
  • Bridges & Structures
  • Waterproofing
  • Green Construction
  • Roads, Flyovers & Pavements
  • Metro Projects
  • Cement
  • Repair & Rehabilitation
  • Innovation in Construction Design
  • Construction Equipment
  • Formwork and Scaffolding

The sections comprise news, research articles, reviews, surveys, viewpoints, product write-ups, and construction event details.

CE&CR has been serving as a fruitful companion to India’s ‘Civil Engineering and Construction Fraternity’. The journey that started in 1988 has today converted into an enormous network of institutes, organizations, corporate firms, forums and associations in the area of civil engineering and construction.

The dedication towards reader satisfaction and fulfilling the ever-growing needs of the construction profession makes this journal the first choice of all those connected with the construction industry. We hope to be present for the next 33 years as well, to provide insight on the construction industry.

Awards and Recognition
  • Awarded the prestigious ‘Best Publication’ Award by the Association of Consulting Civil Engineers, in 1991.
  • Designated for International Quality Summit (IQS) Award in the ‘Gold Category’ in 2012 by BID in Paris.
  • Awarded ‘Best News Magazine’ at the CIDC Vishwakarma Award in 2014 and 2019.

The awards were bestowed for excellence in dissemination of technical information every month. We at CE&CR are well aware that knowledge is what differentiates a leader from a follower; thus, providing worthy knowledge has always been at the helm of our publication process. Our know-how of the Indian construction sector is an invaluable value addition, enjoyed by all those who have been associated with us during all these years.

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