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The Channel (Chunnel) Tunnel

The idea to build a tunnel linking England and France first came about in 1802. Throughout the years many people had ideas and plans to link the two countries but it took more than 180 years to make it actually happen. The privately financed project, owned by Eurotunnel began in 1986. This lofty project would build an undersea leg that spans the English Channel between England and France.

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Dr. Anjan K Chatterjee

Former Wholetime Director,
ACC Limited, Mumbai &
Chairman, Conmat Technologies Pvt Ltd, Kol

Phil Christensen

Senior Vice President, Reality Modeling and Cloud Services
Bentley Systems

Ms. Gyana Meera

B.Arch, Registered Architect
(OAA, Canada and CoA, India)

Mr. Dimitrov Krishnan

Vice President And Head
Volvo CE India

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